I’m Too Clumsy To Wear Contact Lenses” And Other False Fears About Contacts

If you try to feed your teddy instead of your cat or mistake your boss for a spy, making your colleagues laugh, you should visit your ophthalmologist as soon as possible. Even if you say you don’t want those ugly glasses and when all beautiful frames designed to make you elegant prove to be useless but you are still feeding your favourite toy, there is still a very modern way out – contact lenses.

And there comes the most interesting thing: right in time when a majority of people become almost ready to say good-bye to their slightly indistinct vision of life around them as fears and doubts start pushing them back to where they are.

 Just before we beat the most common prejudices about contacts let us say that anything will hardly ever influence a quality of our life more, than a quality of our sight, therefore it is always important not to risk of your eyes health. Correct behavior to contact lenses and timely replacement of them has an importance no one could argue against, as well as understanding all fears and truths about lenses does.

 The most common fear about lenses sounds like, they are a pain…in my eye and in fact they’re a real hassle! And the truth is Lenses are painless, and they are actually so comfortable that you won’t even know they are on. However for new wearers it takes some learning about how to put them into an eye for the first time. This is where your ophthalmologist can help. He’ll tell you how to deal with a test pair and also inform you about all lenses do’s and don’ts. Moreover, if you are afraid of care routine, a type of lenses you wear in a day and then put into your trash can is just for you. No cleaning and no hassle at all!

Some people say, I’m too young and clumsy (or old and diffident) for lenses!  And here the truth is There is no age limits for contacts! If you’re mature enough to follow easy rules (Cheer up – you’ve got no problem with cleaning teeth, right?), you will be comfy with lenses. More than that, there is a special type of lenses, made for elderly people with presbyopia, when they need reading glasses only.

The third greatest fear is Lenses cost a fortune! The truth is There is always a cheaper alternative! Manufacturers produce a wide range of lenses, you can compare a lot of offers, reading latest Contact Lens Reviews by TopTenREVIEWS   and see how easy it is to find high quality lenses at competitive prices.

Today most of former “four-eyes” generally choose a type of easy-to-wear-easy-to-care soft contact lenses such as daily disposables. But have you heard that to make your eyes see better contact lenses must be… taken off?  Believe, in some situations overnight hard lenses can still be applied to sight correction. Revolutionary invented in the 90ieth of the past century, hard lenses in fact must be removed after they have been put on before a person go to bed. The lenses do their job pressing slightly on a cornea, giving it more flat form that remains for a day or two, and the person sees much better during this time.

After all fears about lenses are dispelled the only rule for them is left: buy a good quality pair. We know that you will enjoy your life more, wearing contacts, but we want you to have no doubts too, thus, ask your doctor, read all important facts about lenses, shop online or visit some stores to see the variety yourself before you’ll get you perfect pair in your hand! And… welcome to more comfortable and obviously more sharp-sighted world!

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