If You Stop Taking Diet Whey Protein Will You Gain Weight Or Lose Weight?

Whey Protein

Gaining weight is totally related to calorie balance. That means instead of burning calories, you have to consume more if you want to add more muscle mass and get heavier. Lots of athletes, bodybuilders, and even gym-goers use diet whey protein supplement in order to increase their calorie and protein intake, which is important to assist you in gaining weight and building muscle. When you want to stop taking diet whey protein, this can’t necessarily lead to certain changes in your weight, however there are some dietary factors that you have to take into consideration in order to maintain the progress of your body.

How Whey Protein Affects Your Calorie Intake

To give your body enough resources and energy it needs for proper weight gain in the form of muscular formation and muscle mass rather than gaining fat, the first thing you should take into consideration is to increase your intake of calories. Studies found out that a whey protein shake can contain about 110 calories. That means, if you don’t include the whey protein in your diet, you will only be consuming fewer calories every day. Therefore, your weight gain might stop or slow down eventually. To sum it up, if you are consuming lots of whey protein daily, stopping the supplementation can lead to weight loss rather than weight gain. It is due to a large calorie reduction from your everyday diet.

Replacing Whey Protein in Your Diet

Let’s get it straight – replacing whey protein in your regular diet with other foods can lead to weight gain – but it depends on what food you replaced. If you tend to replace diet whey protein with leaner protein source like grilled chicken breast or egg whites, which has both lower fats, then you can hardly see any weight gain in your body. It is because these foods have more calories per serving compared to whey. In fact, three eggs can contain around 21 grams of protein the same as the amount of protein you can get in whey shake.

Things You Should Take Into Consideration

Overall, your weight gain reflects the amount of calorie you take every day and you can burn these with the help of proper and regular exercise. On the other hand, diet whey protein can help you gain weight. However, that is if you add it into your diet in order to take more calories and protein quickly. To make sure that this supplement is a perfect fit for you, always consult a doctor before making dietary changes or introducing any supplements into your diet.

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