How to Protect Your Medical Records?

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Every patient puts their faith on the doctors for their recovery and well being. But along with the doctors, the responsibility of their safekeeping lies in various hands.  Medical records and other important information need to be kept confidential. Whenever any documents are exchanged or updated they need be safeguarded to protect from any outside invasion. Specialized mechanisms are designed especially for this purpose.  The HIPAA Act provides special protection for the safekeeping of the patient’s medical records and other documents which are exchanged among the doctors and other insurance agents. ‘

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Concord Technologies is built on customer’s faith and trust. They have improved mechanisms that enable to exchange documents from different areas via a secure channel. Each patient is entrusted with security from Concord Technologies and their safety is their prime concern. The documents are loaded with private information which can fall in the bad hands at any time if no proper security measures are taken. In order to prevent any such outcome, the HIPAA law has been incorporated in the medical records dealing. Concord Technologies provides a proper exchange medium that ensures security and safety. The faxes are exchanged on a daily basis to maintain a proper track record. With the HIPAA compliant fax service things have actually become a lot better and safer. Secure channels are used to send the faxed documents and after the documents are successfully transmitted, the image is also deleted from the system to keep no trail of any existing records.


It follows a simple procedure and the entire exchange is done on a secure server using a secure channel. After the account is being activated, an email is sent along with the attached documents. The HIPAA compliant fax generates customized cover pages with the documents that need to be faxed. The Concord Print2Fax enables to send any documents by dropping the files into the folders from any application.


Maintaining a fax machine can be really tough but with the introduction of HIPAA compliant fax, dealing with faxes have become really simple. You don’t need to maintain fax servers anymore. The cloud service has actually enables the customers to mil or upload their documents from the applications from anywhere on the go. The network is highly secure and offers maximum security. So you mail your documents from the laptop, desktop or any other mobile devices. You can get notifications in your device.


HIPAA compliant fax service has got maximum benefits over ordinary fax services. This modern fax service is an integrated approach for the medical industry.  It ensures total security and safety of the documents without any infringement of the security policy. The architecture can handle failure effectively and ensures proper delivery. With the cloud services, the documents can be accessed anytime on the go. The devices are conformable with the service and a secure network is used to deliver the documents. Existing fax numbers can be used to avail the services of Concord. Any convenience will be dealt instantly by the special support staff 24 X 7.

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