How to Prevent Falling in the Bathroom

Falling in the Bathroom

While the effects of falling might be a minor inconvenience for many, falling is a serious consideration among members of the older generations.  Falling related injuries account for nearly 2 million hospital visits each year, and the likelihood of falling only increases as people get older.

People fall everywhere within the home, but more fear falling in the bathroom than other rooms in the house.  Fortunately, there are some simple things which can be done to minimize the risk of falling in the bathroom.

Use non-slip mats near the shower and bathtub

One of the biggest falling fears, even for younger people, is to fall while stepping out of the shower or the tub.  If the rug that’s on the floor isn’t completely secure, it can slip out and cause some serious harm.  Replacing these mats with non-slip ones can help save your loved one’s health.

Improve the lighting in the room

By putting in higher wattage light bulbs or putting in more light bulbs, the chances of falling significantly lowers. With better lighting in the bathroom, there are fewer problems with depth perception.  We recommend putting in CFL bulbs, as the CFL bulbs are more energy efficient than the incandescent ones..

Elevate the toilet seat

While installing a new toilet might not be an option, installing a seat lifter can make all the difference in the world.  The seat lifter makes it so your person can easily get up off of the toilet and sit down again.  This is a great option for those who aren’t necessarily sure of their first step.

There are many more measures that you can take to prevent falling in the home, including installing grab bars for easy lifting, heaving a home health care service that will take care of your loved ones.  There is an infographic which outlines more of the many things which you can do to help keep our older generations safe.



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