How To Improve Your Sleep: Change Your Bedroom And Better Your Sleep


Sleep is the most important activity you will ever do. You are regenerating your body, storing your memories and restore your energy levels while sleeping. It is thus no surprise that bad sleep will cause all kinds of health problems. More than half of all americans suffer from sleep problems. This article will tackle the most common bedroom culprits that cause sleep deficits.

Your bedroom should be like your mothers womb. Dark, the right temperature and shutting out noise. All you need to hear is your own heartbeat, beating away those regenerative blood cells.

If you want to learn this, I highly recommend reading 5 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom and Better Your Sleep. The author discusses 5 ways you can improve your bedroom to make sure you get all the quality sleep you deserve, a necessary building block of good and long health.

He argues that we need very dark rooms because light disturbs our circadian rhythm. So making sure no electronics are inside the bedroom, nor any outside light is coming in, will greatly enhance our sleeping experience.

Additionally you can stock up with plants that will actually increase the oxygen percentage in the room and destroy any toxins you might have floating around.

Perhaps the most important gadget I bought was mentioned in that article. His review of the philips wake up light convinced me to try it out myself, and, I have to say, I can’t live without it anymore. Waking up has never been so smooth and balanced, specially in contrast with the noisy stress inducing waking bombs that I used to use.

Another great source to learn how to improve your sleep is harvard healthy sleeping site. It is a great scientific resource that will teach you everything sleep, why it is important, what a lack of sleep can do to a person and historical and cultural perspectives on sleep.

There I actually learned that humans used to sleep in bi-phasic periods. This means we slept 4 hours twice, with a time of 1-2 hours in between were we read, joked, had sex and many more contemplative activities. However, with the rise of the electric social being we stayed up longer, longer than the night normally admitted, and we just sleep through our moment of wakefulness in the night. For some, this can be highly problematic, waking up in the night but not being able to go back to sleep.

One thing that can help is taking melatonin, a sleep hormone that has great results.

But, if you want to go the natural way, studies have proven that a quick 20 minute meditation and relaxing exercises before sleeping can greatly enhance the quality of your sleep experience. So, don’t despair, if you have trouble sleeping, there are many solutions!

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