How to Achieve Your Best Fitness Ever


Feel like you’re stuck in a fitness rut? If you’re going to the gym religiously without seeing results, it might be time to re-evaluate your fitness regimen. We’ve compiled a list of often-overlooked fitness advice that might help you give your routine the kick-start it needs – whether it’s a small tweak or a complete overhaul. Whatever you do, always remember to listen to your body, increase the toughness of your workout gradually and always be sure to take a rest day when you need one.

Consider Consulting A Personal Trainer

Many of us are reluctant to shell out on a personal trainer because it feels unnecessary, but do keep it in mind as an option, particularly if you’re fairly new to exercising. In particular, a trainer will help you to work out your weak points and develop targeted exercises to develop them, ensuring that no area of your fitness is neglected and reducing your risk of injury. One or two sessions may be all your need to get yourself on the right track – and if you pay your trainer in advance, you’re more likely to follow through on actually doing it.

Embrace Your Body’s Natural Rhythms

How to Achieve Your Best Fitness EverPlan your exercise for the time of day when you have the most energy – you’re more likely to stay motivated, and you’ll get more from your workout. If you’re naturally a morning person, schedule your fitness activities before work; if your energy levels improve throughout the day, there’s no shame in getting an extra half-hour of sleep in the morning and heading to the gym after work. If you’re determined to exercise in the morning despite not being a natural early riser, try getting up 15 minutes earlier than usual for a period of four weeks and doing any kind of easy physical activity – something that doesn’t require you to hit the gym or even change into workout gear. After the month is up, you’ll have formed a new habit and will find it easier to begin incorporating more challenging amounts of exercise.

Overhaul Your Supplement Regime

With hundreds of products out there and almost as many outlandish claims, it can be tricky to navigate the supplement landscape. The first thing to remember is that supplements are not magic solutions and are not designed to work as such. For best results, they should always be taken in combination with a nutritious diet, exercise and a healthy pattern of sleep. The second thing to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all supplement plan – your supplement needs will depend on your lifestyle, fitness goals and current fitness status. Protein powders are great for those who lead busy lives and find it difficult to consume sufficient natural protein in a day, while creatine is a good option if you’re trying to improve your athletic stamina or weightlifting capabilities. SARMs are a relatively new arrival on the market and are effective in speeding recovery and increasing muscle growth with fewer side effects than conventional muscle-building substances. The bottom line: read up and be selective about what’s right for you!

Pay Attention to Your Feet

Many of us forget about our feet because we aren’t required to consciously engage them when we exercise. This is a mistake, and may store up problems such as poor balance and incorrect spinal alignment for later. What’s more, by eliminating these problems, proper foot positioning helps each exercise we do to be more effective overall. Rules for foot positioning will differ depending on your exercise of choice, so do your research and keep it in mind next time you hit the gym.

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