How Reflexology Helps Aching Body


Reflexology has been around for some time now but only a few know how it works and what is it for. Generally, it is the application of pressure on the specific points of hands, feet and ears. It is said to decrease levels of anxiety and stress. Aside from reflexologist, many other professionals use this method to enhance their work production. Chiropractors, physiotherapists and massage therapist use reflexology to help their clients perform better. Many studies have also shown that this method can also help on curing certain diseases. It would s believed that every point on our hands, feet and ears is connected to rest of our body. However, above all of all the common benefits reflexology gives, the most popular is that it relieves body aches. So how does this happen?

It reduces stress.

Often times, the intensity of how people feel pain depends on their stress level. Once a mind and body is at peace, then the lesser irritated and sensitive they are. Stress is a result of chemical imbalance in our body, a toll in the amount of cortisol and adrenaline in the body may result in afight or flight state. As the body reacts to this alteration of hormones and chemicals, a person may tend to be more susceptible in feeling pain. Reflexology, once applied in the body may reverse this imbalance, and will then promote a better shield on pain. The process is also known to produce the number of calming hormones; it can then restores the balance in the body, therefore, lessen the sensitivity to pain.

It has the same function as acupressure.

More than returning the homeostasis of the body from the rise in cortisol and adrenaline, reflexology also acts like acupressure. It also tends to spike up the number of anti-pain hormones called endorphins, therefore enhancing the pain threshold. Once armed with brain chemicals that combat pain sensation, the sensitivity lessens. As a result, pain decreases or may be eliminated. This is very parallel to the process of acupressure.

It feeds your brain

Reflexology has the power to promote a good blood flow. The application of pressure through the peripheral extremities makes the blood vessels dilated and relaxed. Once a good blood flow is established, the better blood supply goes into the brain. Our brain as the control center of our body, if in good condition will also help the body fight the feeling of pain and body ache.

It promotes self-healing

Reflexology is not the cure. It was never intended to abolish a specific disease or pain, thus it is a tool to help the body heal for its own. It simply stimulates the organs and helps them regenerate. Once the body is in the best state of health, it will easily fight pain and eliminate them.

Every person cannot escape reality of experiencing pain.  This is a very unavoidable circumstance in a lifelong journey of a human. Although it is inevitable, there is no need to suffer for long. Reflexology treatment from a reliable wellness provider, like Happy Head Reflexology and Massage, is an inexpensive and easy to access procedure that is guaranteed to alleviate pain and improve a person’s overall well-being.

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