How Physiotherapy Showed Me How To Look After My Body

Today was a big step in my life as I have finally signed off from my physiotherapist from whom I’d being seeking treatment for almost 9 months. As much as I appreciate all of his help I’m glad to be not seeing them as much as I do my wife.

It all starts with the North Sea and a day out

I’m originally from London but moved up north to Newcastle when I studied at Northumbria University back in 2003. I remember some friends over the summer asking me if I had ever been kayaking. Of course the answer was no but I had seen plenty of big red buses and ridden more underground track than id care to share. I thought they meant kayaking indoors (if there is such a thing) but of course they didn’t, they didn’t even mean on a reservoir. It was the North Sea, the scary cold, dark, bleak North Sea. And I was going to be perched on a 7ft plastic dingy. I was going to pull out at the last minute but I quite fancied in and I didn’t want to show myself up.

At this point I need to be honest and just say although I am wasn’t a complete couch potato you could’ve call me a sofa spud J I rarely do any exercise and my diet leaves a lot to be desired, but uni life doesn’t care for much more especially with very little money to your name and drinking is your main source of nutrition.

So just to recap, poor diet + zero exercise + no prior expectations to what I was about to do.

First thing I noticed was how damn heavy the kayak was, you had to walk it a good ¼ mile, which doesn’t sound much, but I the equipment weighed about 50kgs.

So we get to this lovely little beach near Whitley Bay and there is a bit of a swell about 2ft but nothing too major apparently. I managed to get in the water okay and off we go, I am kayaking. It’s brilliant! I am having a great time, and pushing myself to keep up with everyone else who is far more experienced at kayaking and I think I am the only one who hasn’t done it before.

After about 2 hours in the water we have the option to go back in for a break or continue. I agreed to continue as I was having a great time. We continue along the coast and there is lots of wildlife, even a friendly seal!

I noticed I was getting a little tired but still perfectly fine to carry on but the weather is beginning to change to the party leader decides we should turn back, which we do.

It’s been a great experience and I have now got the bug, let’s go for a drink and a kebab.

Several Samuel Adam’s later and a chicken kebab and chips devoured I head for home and relive the days events as I walk home, it was a great day and I will definitely be doing it again. Upon making it almost home I have the choice of either walking another ½ mile or running over a small field and jumping a 6ft fence. 6ft fence meh! I just took on the wild ocean; no fence can stop me I tell myself.

Don’t do it you’re not van damme

So I run towards the fence a little tipsy try jumping the fence but instead catch my foot at the top and fall over hitting my shoulder and landing on my wrist, OUCH!

I don’t seem to have broken anything as I can walk and moved my arms and hand so I lick my wounds and finally get home and go to bed.

The next morning I’m feeling a bit stiff but put it down to the previous day kayaking and get ready to go to my work placement at a local business. Except I am hardly able to move and my manager tells me to go to the doctors, as I am not fit to work.

GP referral for physiotherapy treatment

The nice GP whom I have never met before says it’s soft tissue damage and refers me to a physio, as I am going back down to London the following day I find a local physiotherapist in Putney where my parents still live and book an appointment for the very next day.

The clinic was impressive but the welcome was even more so impressive and I meet my physio Mark Saunders. After going through the motions he tells me the accident with the fence along with a long day of exercise I have soft tissue damage along with a slight sprain to my wrist which is now quite bruised.

A treatment plan is put in place and over the course of the next week I am seen 3 times and each time I walk away feeling better than when I arrived.

After 2 weeks I have made a full recovery and no longer in any pain but something else had been brought in to light.

Although I am only 24 at this point in my life I hadn’t realised quite how badly in shape I was and the life of drinking, eating junk food and no exercise had let my poor body down. I should have walked away from that fall much better than I did but my poor condition and lack of exercise had set me up for fall quite literally.

From this point onwards I changed my outlook towards food and what I was putting in my body and what I was asking it to do. Running once a week for 3-5 miles, kayaking became a regular hobby and I didn’t stop drinking but I certainly moderated it.

I am 28 now and I’ve continued that outlook since and it’s never let me down yet.

Thanks to Physio4Life in Putney – Visit their website here for all their help and a special thanks to Mark Saunders.

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