How E-Cigarettes Can Save Your Lungs

E-Cigarettes and Lungs

The dangers of tobacco are no secret. In fact, they’re so un-secret that the facts are plastered all over the television, the internet, cigarette packets themselves (talk about bad marketing) and are taught in schools and colleges globally.

So why is it that after all of the facts have been laid out on a plate and basically force fed to any potential consumers, do people still continue to smoke? To sum it up it one word – addiction. People are addicted to the rush of nicotine, the flavour and the physical presence of holding a cigarette. Despite the knowledge that tobacco greatly increases the chance of heart attacks, heart disease and lung cancer as well creating sudden and severe reactions involving your eyes, nose, throat and lower respiratory tract, people still continue to smoke and for some, the desire to quit is just not enough to do the job.

E Cigarettes Become Popular Alternative

So, what are the facts about tobacco & cigarettes?

  • Tobacco is a highly addictive substance due to the chemical, nicotine
  • Tobacco contains 19 known cancer causing chemicals (mostly called tar)
  • Smoking can cause blood clots and aneurysms which can cause a stroke
  • It can create blood clots in the legs which may travel up to the lungs
  • Traditional cigarettes can cause coronary artery disease such as angina and heart attacks
  • Smoking tobacco can cause high blood pressure
  • Poor blood supply to the legs can also occur through smoking
  • Erectile problems are common with long term smokers because of the decreased blood flow to the penis
  • Multiple different forms of cancer especially lung, mouth, larynx, oesophagus, bladder, kidney and cervix cancers can be a direct result of smoking
  • Lung problems can occur such as chronic bronchitis
  • Tooth and gum diseases are also side effects of smoking


The list of health problems and risks because of smoking is a long one and as hard as people try to quit smoking through using nicotine patches, nicotine gum or going cold turkey can be nearly impossible for some. Fortunately, more recently, another, far more effective alternative has come onto the scene to try and save the lungs of those who puff on those little cylinders all day long – E-Cigarettes.

E-Cigs Are The Most Effective Smoking Quitting Aid

E-Cigarettes are electronic cigarettes which mimic traditional cigarettes but use flavoured liquids that turn into vapour rather than tobacco smoke. This vapour is completely harmless and thus eliminates all the above health risks whilst still giving a strong nicotine kick (that can be adjusted all the way down to nothing) and gives the smoker something to hold as well. So far, it would seem that E-Cigs are the most effective smoking quitting aid to hit the market. So much so, that the NHS are planning to start giving them out on prescription for those people who wish to quit.

So if you’re a smoker terrified of the health dangers of tobacco, grab yourself your first E-Cigarette and start being down your risks of those fatal diseases. Stop smoking and start vaping!

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