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Soaking in a hot tub on a regular basis can have a very positive impact on health.  A combination of heat, buoyancy and hydrotherapy gives many health benefits. Hot water hydrotherapy has been used since 2000BC. Today relaxing in a spa has never been easier.

Alongside the general feeling of wellbeing and relaxation, hot water therapy can bring about pain relief, reduce blood pressure and even help weight loss. Let’s examine the benefits in more detail:


Clinical studies, including the American Arthritis Association, have shown that regular the use of a hot tub can help alleviate arthritic pain by gently exercising the joints. This gives pain relief and improves movement in sore parts of the body.

The combination of hot water and air supports body weight while massaging joints with a variety of relieving massage options.


Regular hot tubbing dilates blood vessels and increases circulation. Increased circulation, means that oxygen can then be pumped to vital organs more effectively, in turn helping to lower blood pressure. This can also prevent heart problems in the future.


The New England Journal of Medicine recently states that sufferers of Type 2 Diabetes can benefit from regular use of a hot tub or spa. Typically diabetics are unable to endure rigorous activity and have hence have difficulty with weight and circulation.

The study showed that sufferers had a significant drop in blood sugar levels and improved sleep after spending 30 minutes a day in a hot tub. For those who live with the daily discomfort and inconvenience of diabetes type 2, the relief brought about relaxing in the hot tub can make that purchase all the more worthwhile.

Improved Sleep:

-The Associated Professional Sleep Societies Journal “Sleep” states that”

Your body can be eased into a state of deep and relaxing sleep by a drop in body temperature after going to bed.  Soaking in hot water about 90 minutes before bedtime triggers your internal thermostat to lower your temperature, thus inducing sleep to set in more easily.”

Weight Loss:

According to, studies have shown that just half an hour a day in the hot tub or spa can help you lose weight. The hydrotherapy stimulates your muscles, in turn causing you to gradually lose weight.

Other benefits include increased recovery time after exercise, reduce pain caused by backpain, release of the body’s own chemicals and feel good endorphins, plus they also open the sinuses, which helps those with respiratory problems.

So should a hot tub be seen as an extravagance, when there are all these benefits? Not to mention family bonding, stress busting and socialising too. If you do invest in a hot tub, remember that regular service and maintenance will help to keep your running costs down, and give the hot tub a longer lifespan. are the experts in hot tub servicing and repairs.

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