HGH Supplements: Are There Any Weight Loss Benefits?

HGH and weight loss

If you’re reading this article you are probably looking for information about human growth hormone supplements and whether there are any weight loss benefits through using it. You will be glad to know that there has been research done on this very subject and we will cover it in this article.

By reading this article you will find out what HGH is, its practical uses and be informed about its potential risks and dangers. If you choose not to read this article then you could be misinformed about the use of this hormone and be unaware of its risks, potentially causing you harm if you decide to use it for weight loss reasons.

human growth hormone supplements

When it comes to HGH supplements and its benefits people have made many claims. Among these reasons are weight loss, slowing down the aging process, improving your sex drive, lifting your mood, giving you better skin and increased energy. Are there any truth to these claims however? Let’s find out.

Firstly what is HGH?

HGH is a naturally occurring hormone produced in the pituitary gland of the brain. During childhood HGH is responsible for your development and growth. Throughout the rest of your life, HGH also helps maintain muscle growth, tissue repair, brain function, metabolism and your energy.

In your teenage years HGH production is at its highest but it gradually declines in your 40s. Levels of HGH are also low in obese individuals.

What is it used for?

HGH has a legitimate medical use for people with a true growth hormone deficiency. (not age related) This means a growth hormone deficiency from pituitary gland disease, a genetic defect or muscle deterioration due to disease like AIDS. HGH is only legal for medical use and as a result requires a doctor’s prescription.

These individuals are given a synthetic form of HGH through injection and has the following effects:

-Increase muscle mass

-Lower body fat

-Improve bone density

-Bolster the heart’s ability to contract

-Increase exercise capacity

-Improve motivation and mood

It is because of these reasons that there are some people who contend that it might have an effect on obese individuals and weight loss.

What evidence is there for HGH and weight loss?

An analysis by Nicholas Tritos, MD, in relation to HGH and weight loss in obese people has shown that there can be small improvements in body composition. (small decrease of body fat and small gain of muscle mass) Overall however body weight did not change. The analysis also concluded that there is a greater effect only on individuals with a true hormone deficiency.

HGH and weight loss

Side effects of using HGH Supplements

If you take HGH but you are healthy individual that doesn’t need it, you risk the following side effects: abnormal growth of bones and internal organs, high blood pressure, swelling in the arms and legs, headaches and muscle pain.

As we have learned HGH is a natural occurring hormone in our body and it does have a legitimate medical use for people with hormone deficiencies. However its use is only legal with a prescription and for medical purposes. As such, its application for weight loss and muscle gain is inconclusive and purely experimental at this stage.


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