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Deer Antler Spray

Deer antler spray is being used around the globe by males and females, athletes and the elderly to enhance their health, improve their performance and reduce the aging effects, among other things.  Utilizing deer antler velvet as a supplement to cure many ailments is not new and was first written about in ancient Chinese teachings. Russian body builders were the first to herald it’s powers in the 1960’s boasting of better strength and better endurance.  Deer antler velvet is also available in capsules and dropper forms. The key is the potency and quality of the concentrate used to make the deer antler spray.

Male deer start to grow their antlers around the age of one year. Each year they grow larger and larger antlers after shedding them naturally in the winter.  Antlers are organs as they have blood vessels, nerves and skin and are not horns like on a cow or rhinoceros.   Testosterone production in the male deer starts his antlers growing.  Deer farms that make the strongest and cleanest deer antler spray in the market keep their deer healthy, well fed, and treated humanely for optimal antler growth.  The prime time to remove the antler is about 55-65 days into their growing season.  The antler grows about ¼ inch/day during this phase.  The antler is removed with the deer under an anesthetic and once the procedure is done, the deer is released back to the pasture.

In order to obtain the strongest and cleanest deer antler spray in the market, several key elements are present.  The first is antibiotic and growth hormone free deer with routine screenings for diseases and pesticides.  What the deer consumes and is around will ultimately end up in their antler velvet.  Another element is a sterile environment for the procedure and the processing of the supplements in all forms including deer antler spray.

Deer Antler Spray

The most potent supplement comes only from the tips, upper and middle sections and not from the inferior pieces in the bottom sections.  It is the spongy antler under the hair-like outer layer that is used.  There are several nutrients in deer antler spray such as: Proteins, Lipids, Minerals, Growth factors, and Amino acids. Trace elements include cobalt, selenium, sulphur, zinc & copper. Overall, there are 400 active ingredients with over 40 key compounds

At Antler Farms this high quality material goes through a proprietary process that yields a one of a kind 75:1 extract ratio.  The more concentrated and strong the product is, the more the benefits are increased with quicker results and improvements.  Great results have been reported with anti-aging properties, reduced inflammation of joints and joint pain, increased blood supply, resistance to disease and toxins, improved sexual function, and some have even found relief from depression and a help with their mood.  It has also been reported to stabilize blood pressure and help boost athletic performance.

Check out deer antler spray along with the other forms made from the most potent and clean product in the market today at AntlerFarms.

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