Hair Transplant: How Easy it is?

FUT in Hair Transplantation

You must have been worried sick about your receding hairline, and trying to find out the best possible options available in the market? trasplante capilar is easy, if you have the right guidance. Hair transplantation is nothing but removing the follicles and grafts from the back of the head and placing them in places where hair is scanty. The idea of taking the grafts and follicles from the back of the head is because that area is more resistant to hormonal change. There are two ways in which these transplantations can be done and they are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Things you should know about FUT Method

Transplante capilar can be done in both ways, but what are the exact advantages of the FUT and FUE methods. The FUT method can actually cover large areas of baldness. You will need a few sittings for this. The resection rate is higher which means that there will be good results after grafting. However much of the growth depends on the expertise of the surgeon who is operating.

Things you should know about FUE Method

If you consider the advantages of the FUE method, it also has its share of glory. This method of hair transplantation does not involve an entire strip of the scalp. There are less cuts and stitches in this transplante capilar. No linear scars are visible and often it is seen that because there is less recovery time, the patients can go back to normal work after the day of operation. Both the methods will involve surgery, so consult with the surgeon, before you take any further decision.

The process of surgery

Often it is seen that the process of surgery takes longer than assumed. You must have a proper talk with the surgeons before the process who will explain the entire process to you. If you have any doubts, please ask questions. Because this is a surgery, you should give special attention to post-surgical care. You have to take good care of the grafts.

Swelling of the face or the scalp is common after any such surgery, so do not be worried. The hair is generally washed with the help of a diluted shampoo, just after the next day after operation. This should be done by an expert, as you cannot disturb the grafts when you are doing this. The grafted portion will gradually fall off, and there will be new growth.

Always remember that post-operation care is absolutely important, so always consult the doctor about the process after the operation. The cost of the FUT method is actually lower, but it varies according to the number of grafts done. An efficient surgeon should be consulted for the process. His expertise will help you in many ways.

You should always remember that for transplante capilar, you should consult a certified surgeon. The dermatologist should have training in the process. In order to know how equipped he or she is to handle the case, you can also ask for patient references.

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