Hair Styling and Summer Heat

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Summer is a wonderful time of the year but it is also the time when outdoor activities and weather causes situations that might have to make us think a little bit extra about our hair. This time of the year means humidity for many of us and at times it feels like hair simply refuses to keep the styling and the moisture, no matter how much you put into it. There are probably as many reasons as there are people but the main one is the simple fact that dry air causes dry hair.

There are no reasons to surrender to dry hair, there are a variety of tips and advice and some of them we will present to you bellow. Allow your hair to maintain moisture and softness, be your own hairdresser and be good to your hair styling


The moisturizing process varies throughout the year, depending on climate and individuality. In the summer, as well as during the cold winter, this means that your hair sometimes feel dry and lifeless. It is easy to think that there is something wrong but the fact is that your hair is just reacting normally to normal circumstances. However, you shouldn’t surrender to the elements and give up on your hair styling, take a look at your products or ask your hairdresser what could be done to maintain moisture. Is there alcohol in your products? Skip that, at least during the dry seasons and replace them with more natural products, such as coconut oil. This is much less drying and far friendlier to hair and skin in general. Another thing you can do is to test creams instead of gels, many people in dry climate has experienced more softness and less dryness after changing to creams.

Style from underneath

Isn’t it a drag when you have washed your hair and styled it to perfection only to realize just a few minutes later that the styling is giving up on you? You are using the same products as always but the result is now, due to the dry air, totally different. One advice is to change products but that’s perhaps not enough, at time like these one clever thing to do is to change on when to style your hair with what, simply swapping the layers.

Do you usually put your leave-in conditioner in your hair first, followed by hair lotion and then the finishing touch with hair styling products? How about trying to put them in a different order? What that may be is individual but it is worth a try and you will surely find what is good for you.

Refresh on the go

This may sound a little bit too easy but a lot of people have experienced that bringing a small but handy booster spray bottle does wonder for the hair styling. In the summer, temperature is seldom constant and naturally that has impact on your hair. A perfect styling can become dry and fragile regardless of how many products you put in your hair before you left home. Therefore keep a bottle with you and put some spray in the minute you begin to feel the hair go dry as the temperature is rising.

If you feel insecure on which spray to use, just ask your hairdresser or someone else who knows your hair and what kind of products that might be good for it.

Vitamins and hair masks

If you fear that the sun and the wind have damaged your hair, don’t give up on it. There are plenty of great products on the market that will save your hair fast. From vitamins to hair masks and creams, there are almost always methods to save your hair from the scissors.

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