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hair loss

For the past few days, you are quite depressed about hair loss and you have no clue how you can rectify it. This is a common worry among men because a receding hairline is definitely the early signs of baldness. But there is good news. There are medical treatments which can help you. It will not only stop hair loss, but will fill in the thinning areas and most importantly help you regain your confidence.

How can medical treatment help?

Before you go for the treatment, you should know the basic reason behind baldness and why is hair transplant surgery men is absolutely essential? Balding in men is common and is related to male hormone called DHT (Dihdrotesterone). Some men may experience it in a smaller scale, but for others it is as serious as baldness. Some say that it is a genetic disorder, but now-a-days a lot of reasons can exaggerate it like, the most important ones being stress and unhealthy lifestyle. But if you are experiencing this problem, the best way is to face it. Most men find it extremely uncomfortable to discuss about it and they will shave off their heads.

Stopping the problem now

If you have been facing the problem for quite some time, then it is better to go for medications. In the early stages of baldness, there are medications which are approved by FDA and you can take them by consulting a doctor. Talk to a doctor who will evaluate the situation and then tell you the best course of action. If the doctor feels that a hair transplant surgery for men is essential, then he will recommend so. A lot of people are opting for hair transplant these days. If you go for Vinci hair transplant, you will see that it looks perfectly natural. Do not think of the price. Most hair transplants are affordable these days and you need not be a celebrity to go for a hair transplant.

Is a non-surgical option available?

Yes a non-surgical option is available, but then you have to talk to a styling expert.  You can go for a short or shaved look. Often SMP – Scalp Micropigmentation technique will get you the exact look you want, but without the hassles of a surgery. As per this technique, pigments are placed under the scalp which look very natural and do not require much maintenance. At Vinci Hair Clinic, you can have free consultation and discuss about the expenses.

Various types of hair transplant surgery

Hair transplant surgery for men is so common these days that you will hardly face any problem. In this process, permanent hair is removed from one place and put in bald or thinning area. Some of the treatments offered are FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation, Vinci MAX, FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction, Eyebrow transplant and a beard transplant. For Micropigmentation, you can opt from the various services like SMP for shaved hairstyle, combines FUE and SMP procedures and many more.

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