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Beauty Education

If you love learning how to look good, and help others to do so too, cosmetology school may be the thing for you. Cosmetology school is an example of a trade school. Like many trade and vocational schools, cosmetology school has been around for a long time. It provides students with inexpensive apprentice-like standards of learning, enabling them to get a remarkable education without having to go into debt to do it. The trades are starting to get a lot more attention recently. 40 years ago, the national dream was to send kids to college. The feeling was, this was a notch above the trades. College graduates could get higher-paying jobs than those who simply worked with their hands. But this isn’t true for many people any more. The university system benefits those who can specialize: the engineers, mathematicians, scientists, medical overachievers of the world, and the like. It’s a STEM world, and if you can’t or don’t care to specialize yourself in a related field, it’s likely that the university system alone won’t let you get rich on the other side of graduation. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to reexamine the trades, of which cosmetology school is one of the best.

Marinello Beauty School is an example of a cosmetology school that has existed for more than 100 years. One of the ways it has accomplished this feat is by being very adaptable. Marinello doesn’t have one central campus. Rather, it has 60 or more  small campuses littered all over the United States. Students don’t live on the campus, in expensive campus housing. Rather, they commute daily, or stay with friends in houses nearby. This way costs are cut remarkably: no meal plan, no dorms, no campus liability insurance, no tenure, no big infrastructure and facility costs. Cosmetology schools like this are inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean they’re cheap. They focus on imparting real life skills, rather than head knowledge. And it turns out, life skills can be learned nearly for free.

Excelling at cosmetology school is about soaking up experience as fast as possible. And this is an area where cosmetology school provides. You’ll have thousands of hours spent cutting hair, applying makeup, and performing any of a hundred different tasks involved in doing beauty and grooming work, by the time you graduate. Cosmetology school looks great on your resume. If you graduate, future employers will know that you understand at least an important array of beauty skills that will make your work impressive and satisfactory to customers. It’s possible to get a good job without cosmetology school, but you are limited to the skills that you possess before you walk in the door.

It’s possible that your skill set is naturally kind of wide, but it’s unlikely that it is very deep. This is because when you only work on your own appearance, you only have one face, one head, one body to work with. When you work with a dozen or more clients a day, you have to deal with all the particularities that these people have. You’ll have to make a thousand tiny decisions a day, improvising while you learn to achieve the best results. Not only will you improvise, though, you’ll have guided learning from skilled teachers and peers at your school. They’ll be the bumpers to your bowling lane, helping you learn the right way the first time. When you get out, you’ll know you’ve got game. Your confidence and skills will be impressive and important to the people you serve. You’ll develop a lot of client relationships quickly. And you’ll be able to build a sustainable and growing career, fast.

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