Get Rid of Excessive Hair with Laser Hair Removal

Baldness and Hair Lose Treatment

For many men, facial and body hair is a sign of masculinity. Think back to the times when you were in middle school and high school when boys started growing facial hair—you’ve probably seen awkward, patchy moustaches on one too many classmates. While they probably looked strange, those boys probably felt ecstatic that they could finally grow facial hair.

With that said, having scruff and beards is in right now for men. It’s a trend that so many guys are following that there’s even a demand for facial hair transplants. Men who cannot grow facial hair or those who have trouble filling in empty patches are heading to clinics to pay to have hair on their face. This popular procedure involves transplanting hairs from areas like the chest or head and moving them to the face.

Men Can Grow Abnormally Excessive Body Hair

While there are plenty of men who struggle with growing hair in the areas they want, there are others who feel they have excessive body hair. The back is a region where some men find that they produce an abnormally excessive amount of hair. This is formally known as hypertrichosis, which is characterized as a condition where there is an abnormal growth in hair density and length. Hypertrichosis typically affects men and it can also be seen on other areas of the body besides the back. This condition can be genetic or acquired later in life. It isn’t a harmful or medically alarming problem, but it can be a cosmetic issue for people.

Laser Hair Removal Permanently Gets Rid of Unwanted Hair

Laser hair removal is an ideal solution to permanently remove most or all of the hair. It takes the hassle and time out of constantly shaving and waxing. Dr. Stephen Mulholland, a Toronto cosmetic surgeon, says more men are visiting his clinic for laser hair removal. These men usually want to remove hair from their chests and backs. These treatments for men is indeed common today because the American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2013 statistics report shows that 190,546 laser hair removal procedures were performed on men.

Treatments Are Fast and Effective

A variety of lasers can be used during these treatments. Dr. Mulholland talks about the Vectus laser, a high-speed device that can remove hair from large surfaces in minutes. “With the Vectus, we can remove hair from a man’s chest and back in about 20 minutes,” he says. Men should expect to have about four or five treatments. These treatments can remove about 80% of the hair overall. After they complete their sessions, patients can come into the clinic as often as they want to maintain their hair-free bodies.

Laser hair removal isn’t excruciatingly painful at all. At Dr. Mulholland’s clinic SpaMedica, there are lasers that work quickly and are extremely cold. This cools the skin so much that numbing cream isn’t required. Patients find the treatment nearly painless. So, patients can feel rest assured that after a few laser hair removal sessions over the course of a few weeks, they can expect to have permanently smoother skin after it’s done.

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