Full-Body Detoxing: How Cleansing Foot Pads Can Do The Trick

Full-Body Detoxing

We present our body to all sorts of contaminants day after day, and we do so without even being mindful of what we’re doing to ourselves. Every day, 365 days per year, our body struggles to reject these harmful contaminants, and does its best to maintain internal health.

Despite how well our body works to remove contaminants, it simply isn’t perfect. After too much exposure to chemicals in the food we eat, the air we breath, and the products we interact with, our body gradually begins to deteriorate, regardless as to how hard it works to stay healthy. Environmental contamination is just too present these days and there is not much we can do to escape it.

However, we can take certain measures to help our body detoxify itself. For starters, you can begin with a purification procedure offered by detoxifying foot pads (or patches, as they are sometimes called), which contain special ingredients that help the body flush harmful toxins.

These cleansing foot pads are intended for overnight use and they are very simple to administer. You simply stick the foot pads to the bottoms of your feet and then go to bed. During the night the foot pads react with the soles of your feet to extract many harmful toxins that have been building up over time. In the morning you can remove the pads to see the result!

Detoxification Foot Pads Usage

Detoxification foot pads can actually be used on any part of your body, however you will receive the most benefit if used on a body part where the lymphatic system operates (e.g. such as the bottom of the feet, close to where lymph is circulated).

According to traditional Eastern medicine, different areas of the foot correspond to different organs in the body. That is why you feel so lively and revitalized after a foot massage – the therapy provides benefits across your entire body. Similarly, you could use detox pads directly on any sore or inflamed areas of the body, such as the knees, neck and spine, but the same benefits can be achieved by working through the feet.

As you begin using the pads, don’t be startled if they acquire dark brown or even black color overnight. This just implies that your body is releasing many contaminants, and this will decrease over time.

The entire detoxing process will take no more than 1 month in most cases, but if you are chronically ill and are suffering from very high levels of toxicity, then the process could take much longer.

Also, you don’t have to put on pads every night after the 30-day detoxing process finishes. You can apply the pads only periodically to make sure your body is not re-establishing high levels of toxins. This is merely a preventative process at this point.

Detoxification Foot Pad Ingredient List

Detox foot pads are created from all-natural, high-quality substances, which are proven to help your body with its detoxing process. There are no fillers, synthetic substances or additives used in the foot pad makeup. Organic components used in the production of thefoot pads include the following: Oak Vinegar, Bamboo Vinegar, Tourmaline, Houttyunia Cordata, Eucalyptus, Chitosan, Agicarus Mushroom and Saurus Chinesis. All elements are pure extracts from natural sources, and are specifically selected for cleansing purposes.

How Will I know If My Body Requires Detoxification?

If you feel tiredness, have troubles digesting fat-rich meals, have halitosis, experience persistent pain in your muscles or joints, suffer from lack of rest, are subject to regular infections and/or sickness, have allergies, or have skin conditions, then it’s likely that your body would benefit from a detox. The purification process will certainly help you expel the poisonous substances from your body, and this process can be completed within a month.

All-natural detox foot pads are a safe, easy, and affordable way to help your body battle the toxins it faces each day. Give them a try and feel how quickly your body will thank you!

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