Four Ways Water Fluoridation Benefits Communities


The fluoridation of water supplies is one that has been met with mixed opinions. Whist some accept and agree with the addition of fluoride to community water supplies, others are sceptical about the idea and are unsure of the benefits that the fluoridation of water actually provides. Water fluoridation was introduced in the 1970’s, after studies showed that people who drank more fluoridated water were less likely to suffer from dental problems such as cavities and tooth decay. Here are the five main ways in which fluoridated water benefits your community.

Prevention of Tooth Decay

The science behind fluoride has proven time and time again that it is extremely beneficial to preventing tooth decay. With tooth decay being one of the most common childhood diseases, it’s no surprise that an estimated 50 million school hours and 160 work hours are lost in the USA alone each year due to dental related illnesses. Water fluoridation is so effective at helping prevent tooth decay, that it was named one of the greatest public achievements of the 20th century by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Safe and Effective

Regardless of the controversy surrounding the fluoridation of water supplies, science has time and time again shown it to be a safe, effective method of keeping communities in good dental health. With more than one hundred health organizations recognizing and endorsing the health benefits of water fluoridation including the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, it’s safe to say that the benefits of water fluoridation certainly outweigh any potential, rare drawbacks. With health professionals in agreement for over seventy years about the benefits of water fluoridation, you can be assured that the process is certainly not new and has had a vast amount of scientific evidence backing it up.

Fluoride Saves Money

It’s no secret that dental treatments can be expensive. Water fluoridation has helped to save many families and individuals a lot of money, with the average cost per person to fluoridate their water supply totaling less than one single filling. For the majority of U.S. cities, each $1 spent on the fluoridation of the water supply will save an average of $35-40 in dental costs. If water fluoridation were to prevent you from having just one filling, you’ve benefitted financially.

Fluoride Saves Money

Naturally Occurring

Fluoride is actually a naturally occurring ingredient which can be found in many natural drinking water supplies such as streams and springs. Naturally occurring in groundwater and the ocean, fluoride is an ingredient that is most likely present to some degree in almost every drinking water supply. The fluoridation of water is the manual adjustment of fluoride to the recommended levels for preventing tooth decay and promoting oral health. It’s similar to fortifying other foods, for example fortifying bread with folic acid or orange juice with calcium in order to increase the health benefits of consumption.

Water fluoridation has been proven to be safe and extremely effective for preventing tooth decay, a condition which can lead to a whole range of more serious dental problems.

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