Four Effective Ways To Beat Seasonal Spring Allergies


For most people, this time of year is great. The days are longer, the nights shorter, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and flowers are blooming. Yes, spring has sprung, and although it signifies the end of winter for most of us, it still poses a significant risk to a select few people in the world, namely those who happen to suffer from seasonal spring allergies.

As plants are blooming once more, hay fever sufferers really feel the sting, literally in their eyes usually, as pollen Allergiescounts peak at their all-time highest levels for the year ahead. If you’re susceptible to spring allergies brought on by pollen counts in the air, then rather than sitting there with swollen red eyes, tears streaming down your face, sneezing your head off, then why not take note of these extremely effective four ways of beating your allergies this spring.

Go outdoors later in the day – Now, we realise that this isn’t always in your control, those of you who have to travel to school and work etc, but if you get the chance, or simply if it happens to be a weekend or your day off, then try to go outdoors later in the day, preferably after 2 – 3pm. The reason for this is that as the weather heats up during the day, pollen released from grass and plants actually rises higher into the air, meaning that it’s so high that you won’t be in contact with it, so it can’t affect you.

Go for a run – There are two reasons you should do this. The first is that it’s a great form of cardiovascular exercise, and the second reason is that a recent study found that after allergy sufferers ran for an average of 30 minutes, each and every single one of them experienced a decrease in their symptoms by more than 70%. The reason for this is that the exercise helps to reduce proteins in the nasal passages which become inflamed when exposed to pollen.

Don’t be afraid of the rain – Although many of us dislike rain, rain is an allergy sufferers’ best friend. If you have any errands to run or jobs to do, that can be put off until later in the day, keep an eye on the weather, and if it rains, either head out in it with an umbrella, or simply head out as soon as it stops.

Have hot baths, showers, or head to the steam room – Moist humid air, air such as that which you find in steam rooms or as a result of a hot bath or shower, can help to clear your sinuses and your nose. Studies have found that those that regularly have hot showers and baths, see a dramatic improvement in their symptoms, with them improving by an average of 45%. Those who used a steam room at least once a week, noted an astonishing improvement in their allergy symptoms, with them improving by around 79%.

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