Foods To Keep Warts At Bay

Foods To Keep Warts At Bay

Hello guys. Today I will contribute some information on the foods which keep warts at bay. Warts are caused by the HPV (human papillomavirus) and can grow up on any part of the body. Common warts are those which grow on the hands and feet – although they can grow anywhere. Plantar warts are those warts which appear particularly on the soles of the feet. Genital warts, as the name suggests, appear around the crotch area or near the vagina or anal regions .The last type of warts is flat warts which show up on the face or on the legs. Lets read about the wart removal process by consuming certain foods.


Vegetables are high in minerals and vitamins and they help the body to increase the strength of the immune system. The most preferred vegetable for curing warts are sea vegetables and green leafy ones. You can also take Kale and Spinach.


Fruits also boost the immune system and can help to prevent growth of warts in the future. Tomatoes, cherries and blueberries which have high antioxidants are very useful in curing warts. You can also opt for bell peppers and squash. Another fruit which is highly effective for curing warts is pumpkin.


Herbs can not only treat warts but can also prevent other kinds of viral infections. The most useful herb that you can have is Garlic –  it works to prevent all sorts of bacterial, parasitic and fungal infections. Oregano also contains lots of antioxidants and can be a useful food to treat warts. If you like the taste, then Green Tea is also an option.

Wart Removal Formulations

There are many wart removal products available online which you can use to get rid of warts. However you have to be cautious before using any of those products because there are many sellers who are providing fake products. So you should read through the reviews and ingredients before purchasing any such product. Wartol wart remover is one of the most preferred formulations available online.

Foods to Avoid

All kinds of junk and oily foods are to be avoided if you want to get rid of warts fast. You should also not consume foods which have high sugar or fat content. Baked goods also sometimes contain trans fats which can enhance the rate of growth of wars. Cake, donuts, cookes,margarine are all examples of foods which contain trans fats.

Like you have seen, these foods will not only help in removal of warts but will also help the body to function well. Apart from the foods mentioned above, you can also have nuts and tofu beans to cure warts. They are high in protein content and can help in curing warts quickly. Amongst the  several types of nuts, you can go for almonds and beans which are rich in calcium as well as vitamins. Some other sources of calcium and vitamin are lean meats and cold water fish. If you have oysters, then it’s great because oysters have zinc which go a long way in curing warts.

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