Food Dehydration: The hidden benefits

In today’s society where everything is about convenience and saving time, we can sometimes find ourselves out of touch. But a little time in the kitchen can be therapeutic for the soul – especially when it’s not too labour intensive and allows you to conjure up some amazing, long-lasting treats.

Let’s face it. Most of us don’t put enough time aside to enjoy some of the joys of life. But take those extra few minutes and spend them in the kitchen in preparing food and you can both indulge in a fun hobby and fill your cupboards for months to come.

What next

So, you’ve decided to give food dehydration a go? You’re one step closer to a life less wasteful and infinitely tastier. If you’ve come this far then you’re no doubt aware of the time-saving and money-saving benefits of food dehydration.

But listen up, because we’ve got some of the lesser-known advantages of using food dehydrators – just in case you needed any more convincing that this practice is for you. (special thanks to the team at Vitality4Life who helped put this list together.)

Full-on flavour – dried fruits and vegetables are packed full of intense flavour, more so than fresh produce since there is no water content keeping the flavour diluted.

Variety is the spice of life – once you’ve got the hang of it you can try your hand at dehydrating all sorts, from sauces to frozen veg and even meat.

No more last-minute shopping trips – run out of onions and carrots for tonight’s casserole? Chuck in some dehydrated alternatives instead and save yourself a panicked trip to the supermarket. See if anyone tastes the difference.

Packing light just got easier – if you’re off on a camping trip but don’t want to lug round a heavy load of food, take packaged dehydrated food instead. Dehydrated vegetables, pasta sauces and meat can make a delicious meal once you’ve got that campfire going.

Get the kids involved – dehydrating food can be lots of fun and pretty fascinating for a kid. Get them to make fruit leather roll-ups by dehydrating applesauce on a flat sheet. A healthy and tasty snack, we’re sure you’ll all agree.

Experiment – what’s the worst that could happen? Food dehydration is a test and learn process but there’s room to be adventurous. Try and make your own crisps by mixing dehydrated vegetables with a pinch of seasoning or add a bit of cinnamon to dried apple and pear for a sweet treat. It’s time to put your food dehydrators to good use.


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