Exercise Makes You Fat


Did you know that when you exercise you greatly increase the body’s propensity to get fat? Here are just five reasons why exercise makes you fat:

1. When you perspire through exercise you lose a significant amount of vitamins and minerals. Mal-nutrition makes the body ‘think’ that you are facing starvation, and in response the body does its utmost to store fat as a survival mechanism.

2. When you pant for air through exercise you deprive the body of sufficient oxygen. This stresses the body and has a direct impact on fatigue and hunger, compelling the body to make you over-consume at a later stage. This in turn causes obesity.

3. Exercise greatly increases the level of cortisol in the blood. This increases the storage of glucose as surplus body-fat.

4. Exercise does not burn body-fat, but it does drain you of energy, making you overeat and overstore body fat.

5. Exercise greatly reduces levels of leptin in the blood. This increases feelings of hunger making you eat more or fall prey to junk food.

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