Essiac Tea Boosts Your Well-Being

Essiac Tea

Essiac Tea

Essiac tea is a popular herbal tea containing four herbs grown in the outback of Ontario, Canada. The herbal tea consists of a mixture of Slippery Elm inner bark, Sheep Sorrel leaves, Burdock Root and Indian Rhubarb Root. The tea was formulated by the Ojibway Indians in Canada, yet it is generally associated with Nurse Rene Caisse.
Rene Caisse helped people with the herbal mixture during the 1920s, however, she was not officially recognized for discovering the herbal formula until many years later. Nevertheless, Nurse Caisse was viewed as a heroine in her time.

First Use Of Essiac tea

When Essiac tea was first used it offered encouraging results, so much so, the medical experts opened a test laboratory in the city of Toronto to conduct numerous experiments. Rene discovered essiac tea worked well; hence she opened a clinic in Toronto that operated from 1934 to 1942. Members of the general public were skeptical about essiac tea and medical officials and the government were keen to close the clinic down. However, Nurse Caisse had every faith in the herbal product.

Today, Rene Caisse is well thought of by those who work in naturopathic medicine. Essiac has become a trademarked product and it is interesting to note Essiac spelled backwards reads as Caisse. Many websites sell essiac tea, but it is important to purchase trademarked tea.

While lacking scientific proof, Essiac tea is still thought to have numerous health benefits. The herbal tea is reputed to boost the immune system. The tea acts as a mild diuretic; hence it encourages the kidneys and urinary tracts to function to full potential. Essiac tea helps to eliminate the body of toxins benefiting the liver, lung and other organs.

Essiac can be bought in capsule, liquid or powder form. The vegetable based capsules can be opened easily and added to water if needed, and Essiac liquid can be used in the same way. Powdered Essiac should be prepared in the traditional manner. Essiac is available in various forms and now is the ideal time to try essiac tea.

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