Effects of Pollution on Hair


Pollution has serious negative effects on the whole body. Every now and then, individuals are subjected to endure the consequences of pollution while they are at home or even on their workplaces. Places where pollution is common include factories where many toxins are emitted or those that use fossil fuels. Pollution is also common in traffic jams and areas exposed to acid rains among others. Polluted air or water that people use can have advance side effects on their hair due to presence mineral and even toxins that damage the hair at a slow rate. All these problems are very common in Bangalore and people of Bangalore find it difficult to find a solution to it. In the process, people fail to protect their hair and hence experience severe case of hair fall and hair loss. A lot of studies have linked pollution to various undesirable effects on hair. In case you are looking for cheap hair transplant in Bangalore then Clinicspots is the right place. It also offers online medical counseling to help understand your hair problem and then provide you with apt solution. Having that you must also be aware of how pollution affects your hair. Following are the effects of pollution on hair.

Hair loss and weakening

For instance, the rising nature of global warming due to pollution has brought about the increase in temperatures across the globe. As a result, harmful UV light in the atmosphere ends up damaging the hair. Individuals who get much exposure to UV rays are likely to suffer more since UV rays have the capacity to age the scalp permanently and harm the hair shaft. This is because many people do not take care by covering their hair against the radiation. Additionally, radiation leads the hair follicle to weaken due to excess dry hair. Weak hair follicle causes hair fall, and this can be more dangerous in extreme levels since it will expose the large part of the scalp to direct sunlight.

Hair loss and weakening

Dull and unhealthy hair

Pollution, especially from water makes, may contain harmful chemicals and in some cases, the presence of minerals in hard water.  These chemicals and minerals have the capacity to cause hair breakage from the root since it weakens the hair along its length. As a result, the hair appears dry and brittle. This implies that the hair loses its natural look and assumes a dull and unhealthy look.  If an individual continues to get exposed to water pollution, then his or her hair will finally fall out, and it will be so hard to get the natural hair back.  Having healthy hair is always a concern of a majority of people. Therefore, it would be necessary to avoid using unsafe water when washing our hair. Instead, people should use clean and soft water which promotes healthy hair growth.

Dull and unhealthy hair

Leads to premature baldness in men

Various Researches suggest that men who stay in highly populated areas have high chances of experiencing premature baldness.  Air pollution is closely linked to male baldness in different areas across the world. Polluted air contains toxins and carcinogens that have the capacity to hinder the normal process of hair growth. These chemicals often have fought the growth of hair within the follicles. Additionally, if the pollutants get into the skin, it causes stress on the hair thus hindering the ability of the hair to make fiber.  Because of these effects, men usually experience baldness even at a young age when they are exposed to various pollutants.  On the other hand, women often experience hair thinning in the crown of their head, and it is normally less evident. Because of this people are advised to take a lot of caution when dealing with chemical wastes or when they operate in environments with a lot of pollutants.

Causes severe dandruff and itching hair 

Pollutants such as dust, smoke, ammonia and lead among others are closely associated with causing severe dandruff, scalp irritation and itching of the hair. These particles have some elements which have the capacity to block the scalp. Consequently, an additional amount of the pollutants will cause dirty hair. Dirt on the hair when not washed in time causes severe dandruff. Accumulated amount of dandruff causes itching on the hair, and scalp irritation.  Furthermore, the pollutants migrate to the dermis are as a result of the oxidative stress of the hair follicles causing hair loss. Itching of the hair also occurs when the hair follicles are blocked with the pollutants. This implies that the hair is under pressure to come out while they cannot easily find a way out. The presence of dandruff due to dirty hair and blockage of hair follicles causes itching of hair, making an individual to rub the hair most of the time.

Finally, a majority of the pollutants can interfere with the proper mechanism through which the cells work. Hair loss as a result of pollution can however be avoided by choosing to stay in ‘safe’ places away from pollutants and covering the hair while travelling around areas with heavy pollution. Those who are experiencing hair loss can visit professionals for advice on the best hair treatment methods. Such individuals must stick to the prescribed health care program to have their condition rectified. Having a well groomed and lustrous hair can make one look good every time.

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