Easy Ways to Get Taller After 21

How often you have felt embarrassed standing beside a taller person wondering that if you were just 2 inches short of glory? You know you are destined to be called ‘shorty’, because the growth process naturally ends after 21 and you are way past your prime? But not all hopes are gone. Good news for those who have reached 21, and yet strive for a few inches more. How? Let us tell you.

The right posture

Almost of us tend to hunch forward making us look smaller than we usually are. A bad standing or walking posture can actually make you look pretty bad. Those who have long office hours and unending sessions of board meetings sit on chairs in a bad position. The spine is badly affected leading to a hunched posture. Having the right posture not only makes you look tall, it also reduces lower back aches. So, start practising now and sit with your spine straight. It is one of the easy ways to get taller after 21.

Work out can be a good option

Stretching can help your spinal cord and ligaments. This can also relax the muscles and ease out the tension from your body. If you are involved in sports like long jumps, swimming, and spot jumping this will boost your height. All these sports work on tendons and muscles making you feel relaxed. You can also do some hanging exercise, leg and arm stretching, Pilates, and reach out for the toes for exercising your joints. This will improve the condition of the spinal cord and produce enough human growth hormone to gain height.

Think about your diet

Our body needs proper nutrients and food for growth. Maybe the body did not enough supplements in our childhood and resultantly we have the under-average size. The cells of the body need good food to produce energy for growth. You have to eat healthy and believe in a healthy lifestyle. It is all about wholesome goodness. From fresh vegetables to fruits to meat to seeds everything needs to be included in the diet for proper growth. You need to stimulate the cells to help the body grow taller. All the vitamins, proteins and minerals from the food items will contribute to your height. Maybe you need not scratch your head thinking how to get taller anymore.

Human growth hormone – the alternative way

We may like it or not after 21, it becomes increasingly difficult to boost our bodies to gain height. You can take an alternative version of human growth hormone in the form of medicines. Of course, this is a major decision and you should consult your doctor before taking such a decision. You should understand that taking a hormone which does not come from natural secretion can have a lot of side-effects. Take advice from your doctors and listen to his suggestion. Also, hormones are not sufficient for the growth. You need to exercise, sit straight and take help of a healthy diet.

Can fashion help?

Yes, it can. Some fashion tricks can make you look taller. Horizontal lines in apparel need to be avoided by every means. Go for stripes and vertical lines which will make you look taller. This will also make you look thinner. If you are a woman, wear a dress with a straight cut and floor length. If you are wearing skirt, choose something above the knees. Also, wear your hair like a bun or a top which will add the extra inches above the head. This will create the much needed illusion of height you are looking for.

Choose your dress well, eat healthy, think about your posture and you will be benefitted immensely. Those extra inches you were looking for, might not be an elusive dream after all!

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