DicomDrive Makes it Easy for Doctors in Different Countries to Work Together


Doctors collaborating over great distances to help their patients is nothing new, but what many people don’t realize is the great difficulties this has often caused.  Many times, Doctors use different remote desktops that accept very specific file types which has made sharing medical images a cumbersome and confusing task.

All these problems become even more evident when Doctors from different countries collaborate.

DicomDrive, the latest innovation in Medical Image Sharing, successfully addresses all these problems and makes sharing images on the cloud online simple and easy.

DicomDrive removes the need for Doctors to have to resort to sending medical images via the post office or other mailing services, or having to use a costly electronic solution for any image too large for email.  With the most common choice having been postal “snail” mail, this has made the process of Doctors working together painstakingly slow, stretching from days all the way up to weeks to collaborate on studies of medical images alone!

DicomDrive is clearly a better, more efficient and cost effective option.  It’s simple to use, and provides medical professionals with quick access to medical images in a way where it’s simple for images to be viewed and used at any point of the collaboration process.  This is a win for patients, Doctors and everyone else involved in the medical procedures.

Sharing files is as simple as a click on the DicomDrive website, which takes full advantage of recent advances in cloud online technology.

Medical images can be uploaded from nearly any source, including a computer’s drives, USB, CD, DVD and more.  Within a few minutes, the files are available on the site and can be viewed directly on a web browser, rendering the installation of new software to be able to open files completely unnecessary.  Overall the entire image sharing process is seemless and painless on DicomDrive, the innovative way to share medical imaging online.

The technology of DicomDrive is set to help make great advances in health care networks possible and even probable.  The slow and frustrating days of medical image sharing looks like they will be left in the past for good.  This is an absolute win / win for everyone concerned!

Sharing Is Caring


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