How Conflict Resolution Is Good for your Health

There is been plenty written about the connection between stress and health. Studies have shown that stress can be as great a contributing factor to heart disease and other illness as obesity and smoking. While a minor amount of stress or stimulation can get your adrenaline flowing and motivate you to get moving, the kind of stress that’s created by ongoing conflict can be a drain on your body’s resources.

Good stress is characterized by periods of relaxation and relief between points of stimulation. Conflicts can be harmful because there is usually no cessation, and they can often strike when you don’t expect it. Any productive methods of resolving conflict have a positive impact on physical and psychological health.

What ongoing Conflict does to Your Body

136801894The alarm clock that wakes us up in the morning is a kind of minor stress or stimulation that impels us to positive action. This is different from the war of attrition that consistent conflicts wage against your body and mind. When people are upset with each other, they tend to wear down their opponents. This can lead to distress which may cause headaches, stomach problems, blood pressure and chest pain. In addition, it may cause people to seek relief from the constant stress through alcohol, cigarettes or drugs.

Why Conflict Resolution Is Healthy

Higher education institutions such as ACU and Case Western offer conflict resolution courses for people who want to enable businesses, governments and individuals to constructively deal with problems and find solutions. In addition to making life and business run more smoothly, the health benefits created by conflict resolution cannot be ignored. When people are locked in a continuous conflict, they tend to bottle-negative emotions which can compromise heart health and lower immunity. Conflict resolution allows people to air their complaints and put an end to step stress producing conflicts. This is beneficial for every aspect of health and can reduce anxiety that can lead to depression.

Conflict resolution enables both parties to express their dissatisfaction in a constructive way and can open channels of communication. Being able to speak one’s mind can significantly lower stress and reduce blood pressure. In addition, certain ground rules are established during the process of conflict resolution. This means that neither party should fear reprisals and should not harbor anxiety that can disturb sleep patterns and lead to stress eating or find solace in addictive substances. The goal of conflict resolution is to find a solution to an ongoing problem, and the result is a cessation of constant pressure created by conflict. This positively impacts one’s physical and mental health for the long-term.

Improve Your Life, Improve Your Health

No one should allow their lives to be dominated by conflicts with others when there can be a solution to a dispute. Repressed feelings of anxiety and anger can do damage to the body, raise blood pressure and compromise immunity. Finding solutions to ongoing problems can lower anxiety and increase a sense of well-being. Conflict resolution can make your life go more smoothly and has numerous health benefits that can make your work and life more comfortable.

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