Comparison Chart of Various HCG Merchants

As we have pointed out, it is extremely important that you make sure that you are buying real hCG and not homeopathic hCG hormone. Furthermore it is also important that your verify two things. Firstly, the product was produced in the US. Products from third world countries are substandard and might contain any number of harmful microbes and even bacteria.

Secondly, that the product is FDA approved. This confirms that you are buying the “real” thing and that meets the highest standards.

This article compares three of the top rated hCG merchants. We aim to help you to make an informed and wise decision on which is the best to buy from and also and which of these quality products will suit your needs the best.

These sellers all offer pharmaceutical grade hCG hormone, the highest quality available on the market. Remember that homeopathic hCG and other versions are all diluted, which means translates into lower efficiency rates.

Market leaders

The three sellers we mention here, are all situated in the US and have FDA approval, ensuring quality and safety.

hCG Complex

Comparison chart of various hCG merchants, hCG Complex is, according to our observations at least the undisputed leader in this field. According to our personal survey the lead the pack in various categories. Fortunately for you, they are considered to be the most effective of these three suppliers, with an effectiveness rating of 99.3% and the cheapest at only $69 a bottle.

It is not often that the best is also the cheapest. Moreover the supplier also earned a five star Customer service rating. Considering that they offer free shipping and a 30 Day Return option it is not surprising that they rate so highly.

As with all the other two products, hCG Complex offers instant weight-loss.

We have already mentioned that one bottle of hCG Complex costs only $69, but here is the deal clincher, they are currently offering a “Buy One and Get One Free” special, free shipping included.

hCG Triumph

These guys are well known for their extremely high quality pharmaceutical grade hCG. They are also famous for the wide variety of specialized forms of hCG that they supply. This is truly a “One Stop Shop” that will be able to meet all your hCG needs.

Virtually all pharmaceutical grade hCG providers are so convinced of the effectiveness of their product that they will claim instant weight-loss. These guys go a step further and offer you a 7 day test package at a mere $29. How is that for confidence?

A whole bottle will set you back only $79, which is still a bargain.


If, for medical reasons, if you are one of the that require medical supervision while on the hCG diet, this is the product for you. This is one of the very few suppliers that offer hCG in an injectable format.

The only reason why this product is rated third is because of the product being rather pricey. A 26 day course, that guarantees instant weight-loss will cost you $297. It might seem pricey but considering the long-term savings that will result from being fitter and healthier will put that into perspective.

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