Claremont Pilates Services

Claremont Pilates Services

Pilates is a form of physical fitness which finds its origin in the earlier half of 20th century. Pilates basically involves conditioning one’s body in daily routine to achieve flexibility in the body. It also helps in building muscle strength and durability in hips, back, arms and legs. This popular and highly versatile form of exercise finds in beneficiaries among people of all the age groups. These are tailor made exercises which allows the physiotherapist to work with an individual to achieve the goal.

Claremont Pilates services aims at providing a complete support to the individuals to help them condition their body. The clinical Pilates are structured in the following given way:

Initial Musculoskeletal Assessment

At Claremont Physiotherapy, we ask that you attend an initial assessment with our Clinical Pilates Instructor, even if you have done Clinical Pilates in the past. This gives you an opportunity to discuss your exercise goals and also enables us to make a comprehensive assessment to identify any muscular imbalance or ‘focus areas’. From there we can begin working on your individual program. Your assessment will also include real-time ultrasound of your deep abdominal muscles and training in the basic Pilates mat exercises, to begin mastering the technique.

Individual Pilates Sessions

Additional individual sessions after your initial session allow you to consolidate the skills and technique learned during the initial assessment and for familiarisation with the studio apparatus including reformers, wunda chair, spine corrector, fitball and foam rollers. This benefits both you and your fellow class participants by ensuring all class members are competent in basic technique. Your physiotherapist will advise you how many individual sessions are required after your initial assessment. Of course, should you prefer individual sessions we can continue with a regular appointment.

Standard Pilates Session

These are a small group session, which are guided by your physiotherapist. Each participant works on an individualised program, which caters exclusively to your exercise and therapeutic needs. Each class has a maximum of 3 participants to ensure your technique is closely monitored.

Apart from the standard procedures given the Pilate process is beneficial in case of pregnancy and athletes. Pilates also help in integrating exercises for injury prevention and provides techniques for self-management. In case of pregnancy the effects are visible both pre and post pregnancy phase. What are you waiting for, we are just a call or mail away from you.

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