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At Obe Organic, we do not only raise the world’s best prime organic beef. We also produce other by-products from our organic beef and we will have a look at one of them in this article – organic beef burgers. Like our organic beef our delicious organic beef burgers are enjoyed locally by millions of in Australians and still more millions worldwide. You will find our prominent burger brands all over the world, in the U.S, the Middle East, Europe and Asia and of course at home. This spread shows our organic burger is a very popular brand and hence the reason why we need to supply all our markets on a sustainable basis and we do just that very effectively and efficiently. That’s how dependable we are!

Fully organic beef burgers

Our beef burgers come from exactly the same prime and tasty organic meat we have been talking about. They possess the very same quality that are found and enjoyed here in Australia and all over the globe. They are customized produced to serve the culinary cooking space of restaurants all over Australia and the world over. In addition to being scrumptiously delicious, our organic beef burgers tout the following qualities:

  • They add variety and novelty to any menu and are genuinely certified as being true blue organic meat by OFC. Now you can’t get any better than that.
  • They have absolutely no artificial colouring and definitely no preservatives added to their pristine natural quality. Not only that, but they are made from a mixture of spicy, pleasant smelling onions and organic beef itself. The smell from a barbecue stand is just overwhelmingly tantalizing.
  • Every organic beef carcass is deep frozen the minute they have been processed and cleansed to ensure the full flavour and freshness of the organic beef is not lost. These qualities are trapped in the meat itself and these are the very qualities that go into making our organic burgers. With onion added to the flavour, nothing can be more palatable.
  • To tell the world of our very high standards, we comply to processing standards at our organic beef processing centre in Brisbane, Queensland that produce our burgers, which is HACCP accredited.
  • The cattle from which our beef burgers are produced expertly raised by farmers who know just about everything there is to know about raising cattle for meat. Their methods of beef cattle farming are totally dependable and sustainable, which is just the right condition for supplying markets anywhere on a regular basis.
  • The environment in which the cattle grow and fatten is totally pristine, with abundant fresh grass for all the cattle that freely roam the pastures of the isolated Channel Country. There is no better pasturing grounds in all of Australia for producing organic beef and that is not an overstatement.
  • The cattle feed on their natural food – grass – where a total of 250 species of edible native grasses and herbs thrive to nourish and fatten the cattle. The combination of these grasses and herbs, have produced a unique and sensational flavour.
  • All over this pristine pasturing environment, there is a complete absence of synthetic pesticides and this is due in part to the isolation of urban development and by the constant monitoring of the feeding pastures by the farmers themselves to ensure that no damaging materials ever enter into the area.
  • Our organic beef burgers can provide you with a protein rich meal in just a few minutes.

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