Choosing the Best Air Purifiers for Healthy Living


This article will show you how to choose the best air purifiers so that you can live a healthier life. A complete, free guide on air purifier reviews can be found on

Here’s a startling fact…

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the air quality within our homes is three to five times worse than the outdoors. It’s no wonder why those of you that suffer from allergies or asthma don’t get much relief when staying inside.


In fact, the reason the air quality indoors is so bad is because we are obsessed with creating an air tight seal within our homes (for energy conservation and to keep the bugs out) that harmful airborne contaminants have no way to free escape. What’s good for keeping us warm and pest free is actually detrimental to our health.

Air quality is one of the most influential factors on our health, but the difficult thing is that so much of what is harmful to us is invisible to our eyes and undetectable with our noses. Most toxic, airborne particles are too microscopic to see and do not have a smell. That’s why air purifiers are essential for a healthier wellbeing.

Regardless of the technology that the best air purifier uses, the same thing is true for all devices; their goal is to eradicate harmful airborne particles that make us sick, cause our allergies to flare up and irritate breathing for asthmatics.

When looking for an air purifier and reading air purifier reviews, you’ll quickly realize that there are four major types of devices that are excellent at cleaning the air around you. These include HEPA, Ionic, Ultra Violet and Carbon.

For a person who doesn’t suffer from any particular allergy or asthma related symptoms and just wants to cleanse the air around them, either a HEPA or Ionic air purifier will be fine. Just choose the one that has a more affordable price and good air purifier reviews. The other two types of devices only offer supplemental air purification, which will be discussed below.

If you do have allergies or suffer from asthma, the type of air purifier you get becomes very important. A HEPA air purifier is considered the best air purifiers because it uses an actual filter to remove contaminants from the air. These include allergy and asthma triggers such as pollen, mold spores, pet dander and bacteria. Once trapped in the filter, the pollutants cannot float back into the air. An Ionic air purifier is a good choice for allergy sufferers only because this type of device emits negative ions into the air to latch on to pollutants and causes them to fall to the floor. These emitted particles have been known to irritate asthmatics and make their symptoms worse. Also, since the contaminants are not “captured” into a physical filter, the particles can reenter the air whenever a person (or pet) kicks them up from moving around in the room.

If you’re having trouble with odors in your house (from smoke, pets, cooking, etc.) then you want to make sure to get an air purifier that has a carbon pre-filter. Carbon filters are excellent at absorbing and filtering out smells by pulling it in to the filter, trapping it and neutralizing the odor. This is what creates a fresh, clean smelling house. A HEPA or Ionic filtering system alone cannot achieve such freshness.

Finally, an air purifier with the addition of ultra violet lighting is the only type of unit that can kill airborne viruses and germs. This type of device sends out a beam of light that zaps toxins by destroying their DNA structure. You’ll find this type of technology as an add-on to HEPA and Ionic filtering air purifiers.

So, choose the best air purifier for your needs using the tips above to live a healthier life. Devices come in all shapes and combinations. The best air purifiers contain all four technologies to ensure the freshest, most clean house possible. Just be sure to read the air purifier reviews before making a final decision.

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