Cell Power Review : Get Rid Of The Lung Problem With An Easy Therapy

Lung Problem

Lung Pain

I was suffering from lung pain for many days and it was also affecting my ability to breathe. Because of the lung pain I was not able to obtain enough oxygen in my body, which lead to the lack of oxygen in my blood. I was not able to get a proper night’s sleep due to this. Doctors advised me to start oxygen therapy as it was able to help ease the breathing process. Soon after, someone told me about “Cell Power” which is an oxygen supplement. I told my doctor about it and he mentioned previously hearing of “Cell Power” and told me it was fine to take this. I found out that taking Cell Power was a very simple treatment process. All I had to do was to dissolve the drops in water and drink it three times in a day. Moreover, the best advantage was that I could do this anywhere.

I started using “Cell Power” immediately and within a few days I was feeling the difference. “Cell Power” had eased my difficulty to breathe. And the doctors told me to continue with this treatment as it was also helping to ease the pain in my lungs. It decreased the frequent tiredness I had and also improved the quality of my sleep in the process. These “Cell Power” supplements also helped me to absorb the vitamins and minerals which my body needed to function well. “Cell Power” has helped me in those aspects.

 “Cell Power” Supplements

There were some side effects to “Cell Power” although it was a natural and organic supplement. I have faced some issues after using them for two months. For instance, I have experienced skin irritation and headaches in the morning. When I consulted with the doctor about the skin irritation, he had prescribed me cream to apply. However, I was not completely recovering from the problem. I also started to take less doses of “Cell Power”. That’s why I suggest you to consult with a doctor first if you intend to use oxygen therapy in order to determine if you are on the best path of treatment.

I was initially using “Cell Power” as per normal but due to the side-effects, I have moved on with another supplement known as “NutriO2”.  Luckily for me, it is a better alternative to “Cell Power”. In addition, it has helped to get rid of my skin irritation issues. I came to know about his product from my local pharmacist. “NutriO2” is a product created by Kevin Richardson. It is the best alternative which I can use in place of “Cell Power”. Its taste is even similar to “Cell Power”! “NutriO2” is keeping me energized throughout the day. The morning headaches I had also reduced dramatically after using NutriO2. Now I am able to go for daily workouts without any itchiness or pain .

NutriO2 can be used by everyone. It is non-toxic and pH balanced. If you are suffering from chronic diseases then you might have to use this with prescribed medications. But many patients don’t need oxygen therapy for long. It is always better to discuss with the doctors about taking supplements before you start on them. “NutriO2” is a product which I recommend, and I suggest that you use it as an oxygen supplement.

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