Buying Furniture with Health and Mobility in Mind


Beloved furniture can last for decades. Maybe you’ve had your current living room set since time immemorial and are thinking about a change. But, especially for aging and mobility-challenged buyers, an investment like this needs to meet your needs for years to come. You don’t want something that will work for awhile, then need to replace it a little down the line because it is hard to use or uncomfortable. Here are several factors that should be considered when older folks buy furniture. These characteristics will help keep them strong and independent, providing comfort and style to homes for years to come.

Older people need furniture that is relatively firm. This is a point often overlooked by younger people, thinking simply that these folks would want the softest, most comfortable recliner that money can buy. However, soft furniture like this can be a challenge for older people to stand up from. Because many furniture stores put the focus on softness, finding proper pieces can be a challenge. But the search is worth it, as elderly people won’t find it a struggle to rise from a seated or reclining position. Furniture that is not built low to the ground is another consideration that helps in this regard. Seats that are very low to the ground, as in some antique furnishing designs, are very difficult to rise from for elderly adults. Riser recliner chairs for sale in the UK and various international markets are a solution to this difficulty. They mimic the style and comfort of standard recliners, but give the sitter a helpful boost into a standing position when it’s time to get up. This is a solution for many, but firmness and elevation are the two main considerations whatever the model.

Related to the characteristics above, chairs and other seated furniture should have sturdy armrests to give seniors some extra leverage to make rising simpler. While the automatic models mentioned above negate this requirement in recliners, armrests are available to be fitted on or beside beds and other places where older folks need something to lean against.

Furniture upholstery should be easy to clean when looking for furniture like this. The difficult cleaning procedures necessitated by some troublesome fabric choices simply won’t work for aging adults. This material should also be sturdy, as should the construction of all furniture pieces in their homes. Older furniture prone to breakage could present dangers for elderly people, so antiquated pieces that have not been safely maintained should be scrupulously repaired or replaced. Newer, integritous furniture can be purchased to match the look and style of that which is already in the home, but at a much safer level of quality.

These simple considerations can help aging adults achieve independence much longer in the comfort of the homes they love. Replacing old or insufficient furniture pieces with those designed for their changing needs are the perfect choice. Many pieces like this are so attractive and easy to use that they’ll be a welcome addition to the household. Far from simply being health and comfort-oriented pieces, this is strong and stylish furniture, made to be useful for years to come.

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