Blue Ecig with Wall Charger – A Smoke Free Option

The power:

            There are electronic instruments simply because there is electricity, which indirectly means power! Imagine for a moment when the power in your battery fails just at the right moment as you desperately need it. The feeling in such a condition has to be lived to be lived to be believed. This is true for any situation and makes one anxious at a time like that. The supportive charging appliances come handy be it the cell phone, the tablet, the laptop or even a search light. But when the offer is doubled with a battery charging USB and a wall charges it is like icing on a cake!

The essentials:

            None of the modern mobile instruments come without a battery and it is true also of the blu e-cig battery which is long lasting once it is charged and handy when you need it. Without the lighter as in a conventional cigarette situation, the batteries are the essentials to depend on.


            The batteries are very sleek, fashionable, and fit in the cartridge to give it a cool look. The batteries are given in twos which you can charge with the help of a wall charger or a USB charger on the go. The batteries help in lighting the cigarette tip which gives a very subtle light to resemble the classic cigarette. The tip is fitted with a LED light which takes up very little power and so the battery lasts longer. The battery is well matched with the outer cartridge which comes in two colors such as black and white. They look slender and easy to handle in your fingers. The batteries are original and premium and if you need more than the packaged two, you can buy more of them as well. When the power is spent, the battery indicates it with a weak light at which point you can change or recharge it accordingly.

            As the power requirement of an LED light is much less, the battery can go on for a longer period of time and the e-cigar can be used for a longer duration. This feature makes the e- cigar economical when compared with the classic cigarettes. One cartridge of the e- cig equals a whole pack of the classic cigarette which quite a value addition to the product and value for money spent by the consumer.


            The cost of the e- cigarette batteries is a little more than twelve dollars and is very slim. One can look up the internet for a few coupons online to make your purchase price lesser than the original cost. You can also join their newsletter which will be sent to you with the new offers regularly. If the consumer does not find it to his satisfaction, he can always return it as the brand gives you money back guarantee.


            The charging methods offered are the wall charger which can be used as they are meant to be used. The USB charger is even more innovative created in order to suit the modern working environments around the office or home. It is always better to have the USB charger to charge the batteries if your work is more of a sedentary nature or if you have to be on the lap top most of the time, then it can be used on the lap top.


            This innovative first step towards health is here in the form of the electronic cigarette and like every innovation, this is an attempt towards a healthy way of having some fun and assisting in this activity is the blu e-cig battery.

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