Back Stretching Devices

Back Pain

There are many types of back stretching devices on the market, each with their own targeted symptoms, capabilities, and prices.  People use back stretching devices to: correct posture, prevent injury caused by excessive sitting, treat back issues related to disks, and improve upon overall health.  While preventative therapies are something everyone should probably participate in, most wait until there is already an issue that needs correction.  Of those back stretching devices that can be placed in the home, these are the most common:


You’ve probably seen these in stores.  They are labeled “exercise balls” but they can be used to assist with workouts, but also to align the spine while sitting or when you lay across them it will allow your back to curve safely.   This is a nice solution for younger people to mitigate the effects of sitting all day and –hopefully—prevent further back stress.  It is not a good solution for those who already have injuries and are experiencing pain.


Slings for back decompression have many advocates and users who claim their effectiveness.  However, most of them require that the individuals be able to correctly install them into ceilings or doorways.  This is not the easiest task but if you have help there are many slings in an affordable price range that can help.

Tables and Mats

Tables and mats are probably the best value for the dollar because they were designed for those who are already have issues that require correction. Great back pain relief product, DETENSOR® is a mat that can be placed on a flat surface and uses hard foams that will apply negative pressure to the disks to counteract herniation.  Over time this slowly increases the flow of fluids, nutrients, and oxygen and improves the posture of the back.  Users have praised our product for not only decreasing symptoms that they had experienced, but also saw an improvement in their breathing and overall health.

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