Appetite Control Begins with Controlling Your Mindset

Controlling Your Mindset

Too many people struggling with bad body image and weight issues look at the source of their problems as people, memories, situations, and other factors outside of themselves. The problem with this way of thinking is that this places the power for real personal change in the hands of someone else. When you blame someone or something for your problems, you are basically handing over the power of true change in your life into the hands of someone else. You are effectively robbing yourself of the power needed to make real and positive changes in your life. This is true for all aspects of your life – from your career to your money to your self-esteem. This is definitely true when it comes to the key aspect of weight loss – appetite control. If you want to achieve full appetite control, you need to control your mind. You do this by taking full responsibility. You say to yourself: ‘I look the way I look and I feel the way I feel because of my choices. No one else is responsible.’ Sure, part of you might hate this because you might not be used to this. But unless you take full responsibility for your appetite control you won’t be making any progress regardless of how many ‘miracle’ diet pills you take or how many overpriced juicers you buy. Nothing outside of you will fix what is essentially an internal problem – appetite control. Once you have taken responsibility, here are the next steps you need to take so you can use the right mindset for maximum appetite control.

Effective appetite control begins with mindfulness

Before you eat, give yourself some ‘quiet time.’ Just listen to your breath or just look at a painting or picture in the wall. Think of nothing else. Don’t think about your work’s deadlines, your family, your friends, and definitely don’t think about the food you’d like to enjoy come lunchtime. Instead, empty your mind of all useless distraction and enjoy the silence. Feels great, right? Doesn’t it feel awesome that you don’t feel your cravings pushing you to eating too much stuff that’s bad for you? Doesn’t it feel  great to feel in control of your appetite for once? Savor this feeling. Remember it. Remember the emotional rush you feel when you feel in control over something that you normally feel takes over your life – your appetite!

Mindful eating is the key

Once your mealtime comes around, give yourself a few minutes of quiet time before you eat. During this quiet time, after you listen to your breath for a few minutes, remember the emotions you felt earlier in the day when you felt so good about taking control over your appetite. Relive the rush you felt. Soak in the intense feeling of empowerment you felt. Try to intensify those feelings in your mind. While ‘riding high’ on those feelings, order  reduced portions of the meals you normally order. Don’t go overboard and order or make way less food than you normally enjoy. Just scale back slowly. Baby steps. Keep repeating this daily ritual, and you’d be surprised how much you can control your appetite on a conscious level. You’d be surprised at how sustainable this process is.

If you want to feel more in control over your life and if you want to be happier, reclaim your mental and emotional states by practicing mindfulness every single day. It doesn’t have to eat too much of your time. Start with a few minutes and keep expanding until you feel a surge of calming self-empowerment that can help you take your day by the scruff of the neck. Life is too precious to let it run over you. You have more power over your life than you care to admit.

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