All You Need to Know About Dental Implants

Whatever age you are, a winning smile is a real confidence booster and when your natural set of gnashers aren’t up to the job, the latest innovations in the cosmetic dentistry sector won’t let you down. Dental implants are an excellent option for anyone looking to discover a natural looking smile without the inconveniences associated with false teeth, but how do they work? And what can you expect from the procedure?

What are dental implants?

An implant is essentially a titanium post that is implanted into the jawbone along your gum line to support any replacement teeth. The teeth are then fitted over the implant thanks to the structure, which is similar to the roots providing support to natural teeth.

Dental implants work for a number of individuals as the implant and capping teeth are designed to meet your specific needs.

How long will my new implants last?

Dental implants if looked after properly should last the rest of your life. The implant itself is usually titanium and screwed in to the jaw bone so there is very little chance of it working its way free or becoming loose. The tooth itself is much like a real tooth and needs to be treated the same way, protect your smile by considering a mouth guard when playing any sports and brush at least twice a day as you would normally.

If you take care of your implant it will take care of you.

Why consider dental implants over dentures?

For many dentures are not an option, especially if you have lost a tooth prematurely. A denture is not generally fixed unless you consider fixed dentures which use implants to fix the denture to the gum and jaw.

Maybe you are interested in implants for aesthetic reasons alone, or maybe you are fed up and tired with how dentures make you feel. With modern day cosmetic dentistry you no longer have dentures you remove on a night time as your only option.

Many celebrities such as Michael Douglas have dental implants, as we get older it’s inevitable we will loose teeth. Other than the costs associated with cosmetic tooth implants it’s virtually painless and a great way to retain your natural smile.

Preparing for the implant procedure

There are a variety of steps that need to be taken before surgery to install the implants can take place. The first step is a series of consultations with your dentist, who will discuss whether this form of treatment is right for you.

Before surgery you may need to undergo an X-ray to check the shape and thickness of your jawbone. The information gathered will encourage accurate fitting, whilst highlighting the position of nerves and other structures within the mouth. A CT scan may be required if an X-ray cannot provide the necessary information.

What can I expect from surgery?

Dental implant surgery is generally completed under local anaesthesia making recovery even easier. Surgery can be completed in one or two stages, the one stage treatment involves the implant and false tooth being fitted at the same time. Whilst the two stage procedure sees these processes performed separately.  For more information on dental implants visit

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