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Gout & Sport

Gout & Sport

Many sufferers of gout are overweight individuals who do not exercise frequently. Being over the recommended weight for adults may cause a variety of different medical. Perhaps the largest problem that a gout sufferer may face when they are overweight is the reduction of the body’s ability to remove uric acid due to the excess weight. In addition to this problem, being overweight causes pressure on not only the kidneys, but all of the internal organs, which may lead to multiple disorders in the overall ability of the body to evacuate uric acid. This raises the level of uric acid in the blood stream, and puts even more stress on your body when trying to clean itself out, making it much harder to avoid an outbreak of gout.

Because the reduction of uric acid is so important to an individual suffering from gout, keeping the excess weight is very harmful, but losing the weight does leave room for hope when combating the excess uric acid in the body. When losing weight, it is important to not only ensure that exercise is being completely, but also ensure that this exercise is not incredibly strenuous, as hard exercise breaks down protein in the body and can increase the overall level of uric acid. Because of this, moderate exercise is recommended when combating uric acid in the body, without breaking down an excess of protein.

Physical Activity

When suffering from gout, exercise is incredibly important. Keep in mind that a strenuous exercise will do more harm than good, so keep the exercise to a moderate, gradual pace. Moderate exercise is recommended when suffering from gout for two different reasons:

  1. Keeping the body at a healthy weight.
  2. Reducing the overall level of stress on the body, as stress triggers the onset of gout. Moderate exercise helps to lower stress and can improve mood throughout the day.

Recommended Physical Activity

  1. Be sure to diversify throughout the week, and make sure to include physical activity are part of your daily activities for at least five days a week. No strenuous jogging or running in this routine.
  2. Walk for 30 to 60 minutes every day.

It is highly recommended to go to fresh air paths, such as remote fields that are away from busy roads. Most of the air that is in the city and on the streets is polluted from vehicles and a variety of different buildings.

If at all possible, integrating a moderate yoga routine with deep breaths will not only help you to improve your strength, but will also lower the overall level of stress that you face.

Physical Activity to Avoid

When exercising, be sure to avoid any type of strenuous physical activity such as lifting heavy weights, any type of running, difficult sports such as football or soccer, and anything else that would put stress on the body. It is good to exercise, but it becomes negative when the body is stressed.

While you are exercising, anything more than a moderate level of exercise will break down the proteins and purine in your body, in turn raising the levels of uric acid in your body. This is not only happening when the body is digesting food, but protein and purine are broken down when the body faces strenuous sports, and the overall level of both of these is lowered during this exercise.

In addition to strenuous exercise, any type of injury can put stress on your body, which may trigger another onset of gout, so be careful when exercising or training.

Weekly training program:

  • Monday- 60 minutes walk
  • Tuesday- 60-90 minutes of Yoga
  • Wednesday- 10 minutes of deep breathing exercise
  • Thursday- 45 minutes walk or riding bicycle
  • Friday – day of rest
  • Saturday – 45-90 minutes of Yoga
  • Sunday- 10 minutes of deep breathing exercise

By Dr Sara Barak.
A Gout Expert
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