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It has now been over a decade that electronic cigarettes have been introduced in China and revolutionized the world of smoking. The ecigarette industry has come a long way since then and today’s products are by far more efficient, user-friendly and safer than they were 10 years ago. Although it is increasingly obvious that vaping will soon make smoking obsolete, some lobbyists are still trying to discredit  ecigarettes in favor of more harmful traditional tobacco smoking.

Vapor from smokeless cigarettes has been shown to be up to a thousand times safer than tobacco smoke by studies performed in New Zealand and officially recognized by the country’s Ministry of Health. E-cigarettes have thus far mostly been a self-regulated industry that is focused on producing quality products that will promote growth and acceptance. With the evergrowing amount of competition in this industry, it is in each manufacturer’s best interests to test their products in terms of safety norms, and crucial to their business’ success.

Any electronic battery operated device has to be used as intended to avoid accidents. All e-cigarette battery explosions covered in the news are attributed to misuse. Even the simplest AA batteries bought at the convenience store will have the familiar label “May explode or leak if short circuited, inserted improperly, mixed with different battery types or disposed of in fire”.

There are a multitude of ecig designs but all work on the same premise: a cartridge containing eliquid contains a heating element wrapped around a wick that absorbs the propylene glycol / vegetable glycerin solution and evaporates it at relatively low temperatures when the user activates the device. The flavored vapor carries with it nicotine that is inhaled in much the same manner as smoking. This is in fact the single most important factor that helps smokers switch to vaping almost seamlessly. Since no combustion takes place, there is no smoke and therefore no tar, however the thick vapor still mimics smoking in every other way.

There are three main categories of vaporizers:

  • Cigarette-like vaporizers for beginners that ease the transition to vaping, but offer no extra features (ex. KR808D-1/2).
  • Medium-sized vaporizers for intermediate vapers with a longer battery life and reusable cartridges as well as atomizers (ex. Ego, Evod)
  • Variable voltage and variable wattage Mods for advanced vapers which allow you to adjust the voltage or power output of your vaporizer (ex. Vamo, ProVari)

It’s not necessary to go through each step, but there is a learning curve even with intermediate devices, which use carts that need to be refilled, cleaned, disassembled and reassembled. The easiest to use beginner’s e-cigarette today is without a doubt the V2 Cigs EX e-cigs, which provide the best performing disposable cartridges on the market. A step up from that would be a Evod from VaporZone which requires tinkering but lasts longer and produces more vapor than entry level devices.

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