A Quick Guide to Sunless Tanning

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Sunless tanning, which is also known as indoor tanning, is gaining immense popularity these days because of its affordability. As the name implies, sunless tanning refers to the process of tanning where there are no sunrays involved. The main reason behind the popularity of the sunless methods is that there are many people who live in a place where there is no sunshine and moreover, most of the people cannot afford a vacation every month in order to get a tanned skin.

Another reason why people opt for sunless tanning these days, which is quite significant is that the constant and regular exposure to the sun rays can increase their chances of getting a skin cancer. Because sun rays contain harmful UV radiations which when directly exposed to the skin causes damage to the skin.

Sunless tanning is a great method that is harmless and very easy to get the desired result. It can be in the form of tanning lotions, tanning tablets. Tanning sprays, tanning beds or airbrush tanning. Let’s look at each one of them to know better which is suitable for the skin.

Sunless Tanning Lotion: Tanning lotion can get you tan on any part of the body as it comes with the bronzing ingredient dihydroxyacetone (DHA). It is a type of colorless sugar that has the ability to interact with dead skin cells which results in the change in the color of the skin tone. This method is not able to provide an even tan and its color too lasts for only five to seven days. That is why most of the people don’t use this option.

Spray Tanning: Spray tanning works exactly the same way as the tanning lotion, the only difference is that it comes as a spray. It can be done manually or automatically, that totally depends on your preference. Automatic tanning can be done if go for another method which is known as tanning booth. Tanning booth uses UV rays so it is best that you avoid this method as it can seriously damage your skin.

Tanning Beds: Most of the people call tanning beds as sun beds. It gives tan to the people by emitting harmful UV rays, which again can cause skin cancer and continuous usage of this method can also result in skin aging.

Tanning Tablets: So far, this is known as the best method for getting an even tan that is not only safe but also lasts longer than others. Tanning tablets usually are available in three varieties: tablets which consist of tyrosine, pills that contain carotenoid pigments and last one with no active ingredients. The former two goes in depth of the skin which results in the change of the skin color whereas the latter are not proven to have desired effects.

Tanning tablets are widely used by the people because it has no side effects and provides an even tan. Moreover, the color lasts longer than the other sunless tanning methods and is considered as one of the affordable methods which can be used by anyone.

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