A Guide To Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles For Parents

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles For Parents

A large section of the population of people with disabilities are children. Although there are various types of wheelchairs available for them, they still need to be transported over long distances and this becomes very hard without a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Lifting your child from the wheelchair can be awkward for both you and your child. And because your child isn’t mature yet, they are less understanding of the difficulties of the situation than an adult. Purchasing a wheelchair-friendly vehicle can make driving your child around an enjoyable activity instead of a difficult task.

If you’re in the market to buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle, there should be a host of automobile dealerships that stock such models. In most cases, dealerships specialise in manufacturing accessible vehicles with a range of modifications and installations.

As a parent, you will be concerned about the wisdom of investing in such a vehicle but dealerships convert vehicles from the most well-known companies and the vehicles they sell can be insured. It is important to remember that the industry has come far in the manufacturing of wheelchair accessible vehicles and the model you purchase can be modified to your particular needs.

However, before you actually go out and buy a mobility vehicle, here are a few things to consider:

Choose a vehicle that is meant for you

Wheelchair accessible vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. Based on your needs, you can either, buy a minivan, van, RV, etc. You will also need to decide the type of installations you want in the vehicle for your child and his or her wheelchair. You have to make decisions about where the entry and exit for the wheelchair will be.

When you go to a mobility dealership, you must speak with a consultant. They are aware of all the latest services and they can guide you to the best solution for your needs. Click here to visit website of one of the most reliable wheelchair vans dealers and service provider, where you can ask for expert advice using their online contact form.

How big is your child?

A lot of detail goes into the modification of a vehicle for wheelchair accessibility. In order to begin the conversion of the vehicle, it is important to provide the dealership with the height and size of your child and the dimensions of the wheelchair. All the equipment that will be installed will be made according to those measurements.

The nature of your child’s disability

Your child’s disability and the extent to which it limits his mobility will determine the kind of wheelchair accessible vehicle you should buy. If your child has a fair amount of mobility, you may not need too many modifications. However, if your child has negligible mobility and has other medical equipment attached to him, you might need complicated equipment. Rear entry to the van for the wheelchair is advisable as it affords more space.

The size of your family

If you have a big family with more than one child, it is a better idea to purchase a full-sized van. On the other hand, a minivan is sufficient if you have a small family but a car is never sufficient as a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

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