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LOG ltd was founded in 1970.  Since its inception, LOG has made its name in the market for its ability to grasp the current requirement of the pharmaceutical industry and make products which meet them.

LOG ltd has provided the pharmaceutical industry with various unique products like BnB (bottle in a bottle), HW (Heavy Wall), LOG iD (ePediigree and RFID), ML series (Multi Layer bottles with barrier to oxygen & moisture) to name a few.  LOG has always been known to use the state-of-the-art technology to make their products.

LOG also has a line of PET bottles which could be used to store tablets.

LOG understood that people were looking for bottles which are easy to handle and use. The innovative design of our PET bottles offer all these.

The bottles have been designed to extend the life cycle of the tablets and also to keep them hygienic. The bottles are available in various volume capacities like 120 ml, 150 ml. LOG ltd also offers neck finishes, heights, weights and color variants of the bottle. The bottles have been designed such that they cater to every company’s requirements’.

The various benefits of our PET bottles are:

UV Resistant

The bottles are prepared with UV resistant material which helps in making the tablets last for a long time and be sun- protected.

Extended Life Cycle or Shelf Life.

LOG bottles provide the right temperature and environment to ensure the durability of tablets. This can also be done by using the help of the drug manufacturer.


The bottles are made from glass but the technology used in making them makes them unbreakable. Hence, even if children drop them or it slips from the senior people’s hands, it‘ll not break. Hence, these unbreakable bottles keep your tablets protected.

Approved by DMF

The company’s bottles are registered with DMF and they follow all the guidelines given by them. Hence, they are safe to use.

Travel Friendly

Our bottles are light weight and durable. They are also travel friendly.

Wide Usage

Our bottles are made such that even after the use of keeping tablets in them is over, they can be used to store various other things and the bottles are also recycled.

PET Material

The material used in making these bottles is PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) which is a thermoplastic polymer. PET is approved by the FDA and all the other materials are also approved by FDA to be safe to be in contact with the tablets or any other edible substance.

Customization as per the user

LOG also offers the option of customizing. If you require the bottles to be customized according to you, we can do it.


All the products made by LOG are certified according to ISO 9001. The PET bottles made comply with the standards of ISO 90001 and also conform to their new standard ISO 15378 which relates toprimary packaging for medical products.

So, next time your pharmaceutical shop needs some bottles to store medicines, LOG ltd is the perfect source to order your requirements from.

For more info please visit this site : http://www.logpac.com

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