7 Things an Appetite Dietary Supplement Can help You With

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How helpful are dietary supplements that promise to reduce your appetite and lessen your bulging belly? If body fat is becoming a problem and you’re looking at a way out, one of the best ways is to search for an appetite suppressant dietary supplement.

And while you might not want to believe that these supplements are useful, there is actual science backing it up.

It was back in 1960’s when the scientists first applied Hoodia Gordonii on the rodents. The result was a discovery that’s well known now – the chemical induced the creatures to stop eating practically.

This previously unknown compound found in Hoodia Gordonii was named P 57, whose license was then apparently sold to a British pharmaceutical company.

After years of research, it has been found now that Hoodia has C21-steroidal derivatives like gordonosides and oxy pregnane glycosides. It works as an active constituent when it comes to appetite suppression.

Speaking technically, the P57 helps to increase the ATP content by 50-150 per cent in hypothalamic neurons contributing hugely to suppress the appetite. So, what does these appetite suppressants do? While most of us would like to believe that they’re of no use, the truth is that they do come in quite handy. Here is a look at how these work.

1. Quickens the metabolism rate

Vitamin B is one of the major elements of appetite dietary supplement. With inadequate utilization of carbohydrates, it might give a feeling of hunger, and you might feel the need for more intake of carbohydrate. Dietary supplements help to quicken the carbohydrate metabolism. Also, with the intake of 100-250mg of fat soluble forms of Vitamin B can help to reduce the glycation reactions. Daily 50-100mg of vitamin B6 pyridoxine element in the dietary supplement works as a powerful meal replacement product.

2. Digest quickly

Did you know that you don’t find Resveratrol only in your dietary supplement. Instead, you often find them in your skin care products too. The use of Resveratrol and its benefits to the skin and human body system is unmatchable. Resveratrol is an important element in any appetite dietary supplement and helps to improve the insulin sensitivity.

Also, it has the property that can enable better upload of glucose into muscle tissue and consequently help to store the energy. 100 mg of resveratrol daily in any dietary supplement will prove to be truly effective.

3. Use of the magical enzyme

Dietary supplements contain ubiquinone or CoEnzymeQ10. This element is essential for the production of cell’s energy and keeps the mitochondrial function in place. This is crucial for carbohydrate utilization. High-quality form of CoQ10 with 80-300 mg in the supplements, when taken daily, can help to restore the energy supply of the body.

4. Use of Fish oil

Similar to resveratrol, the Fish Oil is another important element of appetite supplements and enhances the insulin sensitivity. The triglyceride form of fish oil, although more expensive, can be better absorbed and hence, better utilized compared to the ethyl ester which is the inferior form.

5. Keeping stress in control

When we are highly stressed, there is a tendency for doing lot of emotional eating. In fact, chewing the fingernails also is a sign of craving for carbohydrates. This is the time when the neurotransmitters need supplements. The L-glutamine, gamma-aminobutyric acid and D-phenylalanine present in the appetite dietary supplements works well from preventing the craving for carbohydrates as well as from alcohol cravings.

6. Easy blood sugar control

Lipase, found as the digestive enzyme in the dietary supplements is commonly found to be used by people who have a deficiency in blood sugar fluctuations. Also, it helps to break down the excess fat and burn them. However, it is better not to take the isolated form of the enzyme but can be used as a part of good digestive enzyme supplement. Lipoic Acid is another component that helps to assist in blood sugar stabilization and also help in speeding up carbohydrate utilization.

7. Helps in glucose metabolism

Chromium, present in the supplement, also assists in glucose metabolism. Some supplements also have vanadium in place of Chromium, which gives the same benefits.

How did it become so popular?

The appetite dietary supplements are easier, cheaper and safer to use than the other diet pills. It does not need any strict diet plan and yet gives the guaranteed weight loss results. And the best part is, you do not feel low on energy that other strict dieting would have resulted into.

Statistics to back it up

Although many people are of the notion of not consuming the supplements, but there are a number of reviews and scientific evidence that prove that dietary appetite supplements are genuinely helpful. The use of the supplement has grown over the past 40 years, especially among the Americans. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), it has slowly increased among the younger and older adults. In fact, the report shows that about $30 billion is willingly shed out per year for these supplements.

It has been reported that 49% of adults use the appetite dietary supplement out of which 54% of them are women and 43% of are men. People with health insurance use the supplement more commonly than those without the insurance. In effect, about 53% of the health insurance users take supplements while only 31% of non-insured people have been reported to take the supplement. The use of supplement increases with age – 34% among 20-39age, 50% among 40-59, and 67% among 60 aged and above. Non-Hispanic whites have also been reported to use the supplements more (54%) than the Non-Hispanic blacks (38%) and even the Hispanics (33%).

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