7 Interesting Facts About Facelift

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There are so many interesting facts on facelift. There are many types of facelifts.

1) Face lift – what does this mean?

Facelift Calgary is one of the most commonly done cosmetic surgeries. This comes under the plastic surgery but done for cosmetic purpose and not for treating any ailment. When the skin loses its elasticity, face becomes saggy to rejuvenate the skin in the face and to regain a youthful appearance, the skin is stretched and stitched with the underneath tissues. The excess skin would be removed. This surgical procedure is called face-lift.

2) Prospective candidate for facelift

The person feeling their face to be sad looking or to be dull because of ageing could undergo the facelift surgery. However, the person undergoing the surgery should have a reasonable expectation. Anyone of age from 35 could undergo this surgery. Since this surgery does not have any harmful side effects in general, this surgery could be undergone by any person of any age.

3) Time taken to heal

Normally 4 – 6 weeks would be required to heal. During this period the person undergone the facelift surgery should not stress their facial muscles and should be at rest for minimum of four weeks in general. But it also depends on an individuals healing capacity.

4) Types of facelift

Mini facelift and the major face lifts are done by the cosmetic or the plastic surgeons for their patients. Mini facelift is done for the people when they does not need major repair in their facial skin. Also, this surgery could be opted by those who would not be able to take a long break from their work. They could opt for mini facelift and could have the major one when they get time. even there are non surgical methods in the facelift. When the severity of the agedness is less one could be suggested for fillers and botox kind of treatments.

5) Post-surgery effects

Generally the incisions are made on the temples and the jaw lines which makes the incisions to hide behind the hairs and the folds. These incisions or the wounds caused because of the surgery would take 4 weeks to heal. Although the healing depends on the individuals healing pattern, 4 weeks of rest is insisted by doctors normally. The incisions will take 6 months to fade and the skin would start responding and start glowing only after 6 months.

6) The expected results

It is better to have realistic goals. Too much of expectations on the result would sometime give the patients more disappointment. So, bearing in mind that this surgery would not change the structure of the face and keeping in mind that cosmetic facial surgeon are not the one who does miracles.

7) Risks involved in this surgery

Any surgery would have its own risks, likewise facelift also have some risk involved. Although these risks happen in very rare cases, anyone before going for facelift should know about these also. Post-surgery the bruises that happened because of the surgery may take so long time to heal. The face might swell and there maybe inflammations also.
Overall, undergoing facelift would definitely give better results. However, one should choose the best-experienced doctor to work on their face.

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Owen Ormsley asks you to meet Dr.Zakhary to know more about facelift Calgary which is one of the oldest way to look younger. He says that it is the skin tightening procedure which does not involve plastic surgery methods.

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