5 Types of Weight Loss Surgery – Which is Best For You?

Weight loss can be something of a burden. There is so much to consider when it comes to losing weight. You can slog it out in the gym for hours on end and you can eat all of the right things, but those last few pounds just won’t shift. This is an all too familiar scenario for many.

But, for others the situation is a little more complicated. For those that seriously struggle with their weight and are considered as obese, hitting the gym and pounding on the treadmill is a not a viable option. Of course, getting to grips with a healthy and well-balanced diet is fundamental to your health.

When it comes to matters of weight loss, it can be a sensitive and emotive subject. No one wants to consider themselves as overweight. However, for many being overweight or obese is the final straw. They want to take the helm of their health and ensure that they are in a great position to live a longer, happier life. Now is the time to do your homework and find out more about weight loss surgery.

Of course, as part of your homework you will undoubtedly want to find out about the different surgery options that are available to you.  Think about your weight loss goals and what you want to achieve. Sure, we would all love to be a size eight, but is this feasible right now? You need to set realistic goals that are based on health choices, not vanity reasons.

Let’s take a look at the five types of weight loss surgery to discover which is best for you and your needs.


If you are considered as morbidly obese, this kind of operation could be just what is needed to stop obesity for life. This kind of surgery is a major operation that involves taking away some, or all of the stomach. Of course, this kind of surgery is reserved for the very obese so you will need to consider your options and make sure that this is the right course of action for you to take.

Gastric Band

Everyone has heard of a gastric band. You may even know someone who has had one fitted. But, despite the gastric band being something of a household name, they are not as commonly fitted as one may think. On the contrary, gastric band surgery is reserved for those who are very obese. So, if your BMI is over 35 you may be considered for this kind of surgery. while celebrities have pushed this kind of surgery into the public eye, a reputable surgeon will be unlikely to perform this kind of extensive operation on your if you are not classed as morbidly obese.

The operation works by reducing the overall size of the stomach. So, when food is ingested, it only takes smaller quantities to help you feel full. This means that you will eat less and lose a lot of weight as a direct result of this surgery.

Gastric Bypass

Next up on our top five weight loss surgeries is the gastric bypass. This works in a very similar way to the gastric band except that the stomach is stapled in order to reroute the flow of food. By doing this, you digest much less food than normal and feel fuller in the process. By consuming less food due to the full feeling in your stomach, you will lose weight quickly. Many obese people prefer to opt for this kind of method as the results are a lot quicker than gastric band surgery

Single Incision Lap Band and Sleeve Gastrectomy

Single incision lap band sleeve gastrectomy may seem like something of a mouthful, but in reality, this operation is a lot simpler than its complex name may suggest. This kind of surgery is something of an innovation. By only cutting into the flesh once, scarring is reduced and the pain is minimised. Once the stomach has been cut into, a band is fitted around the stomach to minimise food intake. Due to the revolutionary kind of technology and surgery that is used the recovery time is significantly reduced.

Banded Plication

Banded plication is heralded as the best of both worlds when it comes to amazing weight loss surgery methods. An adjustable gastric band is fitted to the stomach to create a pouch which restricts the intake of food. The plication aspect of the surgery involves separating the stomach from fatty tissue. The folds of the stomach are secured thus hindering the stomach’s ability to expand. This can ensure rapid results with minimised pain. Unlike other types of surgery plication means that there is no cutting of the stomach lining.

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