5 Sports Star Who Needed Physical Therapy

A broken ligament or shoulder pain that refuses to go away! Every sports star has a tale to tell when it comes to needing physical therapy. The reason is simple – every game can cause wear and tear, and you need good and proper treatment to let your body heal the wounds.

Physical therapy aims to treat any physical disease or injury that is related to the body’s musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems without using drugs or surgery of any kind. Statistics reveals that more than 65 percent sports athletes in the U.S. have had to adhere to some physical therapy or the other when experiencing bodily pain or injury during play. Physical therapy is the best way to take care of physical injuries related to the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems in the body without undergoing surgery or consuming drugs of any kind.

Here is a look at five sports stars who needed physical therapy after experiencing an injury and recovered completely later.

  1. Rey Mysterio

How important is it for a professional wrestler to have a strong body including a sturdy knee? Yet, knee injuries are exactly what Rey Mysterio had to deal with. This professional wrestler known for his high flying style, has constantly been in the news for his left knee injury. He underwent various physical therapy sessions to rehabilitate his injury though it was confirmed that this great wrestler would not need surgery.

Mysterio had declared on Twitter that he was ‘About to start Physical Therapy! I’m on a mission!’ after which he also linked a photo of his knee wrapped. When he started physical therapy, he did everything to strengthen his injured knee. He was quoted stating how his physical therapy which lasted for three days a week, and which he practices for a little time at home as well, made his knee better and as good as before.

Interestingly, Rey stated that his knee had been largely damaged and wanted to continue with the therapy to ensure that his knee is 100 percent strong before he stepped into the ring again.

  1. Tiger Woods

Not many consider the sports Golf as one that is physically intensive. However, look at some of the professional golf stars and you would see that the story is somewhat different.

Since the year 2009, Tiger Woods has been suffering from physical ailments that range from an anterior cruciate ligament or ACL reconstructive surgery along with back spasms that forced him to stop playing tournaments mid-way. During several PGA Tour events, Woods had to get into the cart between rounds and take rest due to extensive back pain.

This former number-one player in the world stated ‘It’s just my glutes are shutting off. Then they don’t activate and then, hence, it goes into my lower back.’ Woods underwent extensive physical therapy and after various sessions, he was able to get back to his sports, feeling healthy and strong. In an interview, Woods had stated that his last injury was not related to the back surgery that he underwent earlier and that he is feeling better and better with regular physical therapy.

  1. Shaquille O’Neal

This former basketball player and rapper suffered from extensive injury in his left hip and quadriceps that became worse during a match played against Cleveland Cavaliers in the Miami Heat’s game. During this game, O’Neal had already been suffering from inflammation in his left hip and quadriceps tendon. He hurt himself a few minutes after the play and was advised to take around two weeks of complete bed rest so that the inflammation would lessen. O’Neal also underwent physical therapy during this time which helped him to strengthen his hips and quadriceps extensively so that he could return to play. The major reasons for such inflammation were improper training techniques and intense play that got the better of this heavy player and put a temporary break in his basketball career.

  1. Allen Iverson

This leading scorer and starting shooting guard who has played numerous matches during his career, experienced partial dislocation in his right shoulder during a match where he was hit from the back by New York’s Chris Childs. An MRI exam conducted at Thomas Jefferson University confirmed the same and this basketball star was advised 3 to 4 weeks rest due to the same. Allen felt that his right shoulder had simply ‘come out’ from its place, and a feeling of numbness and tingling sensation could be felt in the affected area. The Sixers co-captain underwent regular physical therapy, and he was under immense pain when he started it. However, with the right kind of physical therapy under a therapist he recovered slowly and was able to return to his sports in a few weeks’ time.

  1. Pete Sampras

This former number 1 tennis player suffered from various kinds of injuries during his career and saw some of his career’s lowest moments due to the same. During the 2000 Wimbledon Championship, Pete Sampras thanked his physical therapist Robert Forster, who helped him gather his inner physical strength to make it back to his sports. In 1999, Sampras hurt his disc at the U.S. Open and underwent long rehabilitation.  In fact, Forster stated how he had to continue treat Sampras even during the last stages of his career.

Pete stated that many people were of the impression that this famous player would have to retire due to the injuries that were so extensive in nature. Pete recovered from his injuries, came back to play and won his 13th Grand Slam soon after! Forster has practised sports physical therapy in California for more than two decades.

This is just some of the people we have all heard growing up. Nearly every sportsperson, at one time or the other suffers from ailments that require physical therapy. Whether it be wrist pain, shoulder paid, orthopaedics, or even lower back pain, physical therapy can cure them easily. You can check out physical therapy midtown to know more about how physical therapy can help you in treating the different ailments.

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