5 Reasons You Should Choose a Young Doctor Instead Of an Older One

When it comes to choosing a doctor to take care of your general health, there is some debate over whether or not you should be looking for a doctor who is fresh out of medical school or an older, more experienced one who has seen it all over the years. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you should opt for the younger doctor who has bags of energy and enthusiasm to spare – not to mention all of the latest education about modern treatments.

Younger Doctors Have More Up To Date Knowledge

Young DoctorsOne of the main advantages of choosing a younger doctor who has qualified form medical school more recently is that they are likely to be more up to date with medical knowledge and the latest treatment options. While all doctors are required to participate in life long learning, it can take time for older doctors to actually study new techniques and developments whereas the younger members of the profession were likely taught it in school. With medicine progressing at phenomenal speeds it makes sense to want someone who is well versed in the latest developments caring for you or your loved ones when you fall ill.

Younger Doctors Are Likely To Have Fewer Patients

When a doctor has been practicing for a long time, they build up a long list of patients who have come to trust them and will wait to get an appointment. However, when a doctor has a large patient list you could find yourself waiting for several weeks to get an appointment. With a younger doctor who is just starting out on his or her career it is likely that they are only just starting to build up their patient list and so they will be more available to you when you need an appointment and you won’t have to wait as long.

Younger Doctors Are More Comfortable With Modern Technology

Doctors today need to be able to handle healthcare technology. Gone are the days when doctors had to hand write prescriptions and medical records. It is all done by computer these days and a smartphone seems to be as much of a prerequisite for a doctor as a stethoscope! Younger doctors come from the technological generation and are much more confident in using this modern technology than their older counterparts. Even the equipment used to carry out certain exams is being brought into the computer age. As the tools and equipment used in medicine continue to evolve so too must the doctors operating them and this is easier for the younger generations.

Younger Doctors Are More Open To Alternatives

One common complaint that you will hear from the patients of older doctors is that they have become too set in their ways. Increasingly, patients are finding that older doctors are reluctant to accept new treatments and medications or that they are even sceptical of more modern illnesses. Many older doctors are not entirely convinced about allergies and other more modern complaints because they just were not as prevalent back when they were trained. This might seem outlandish, but don’t forget that as little as 50 years ago people with mental illnesses like post natal depression were locked away and considered dangerous. Younger doctors are more likely to be open to alternative diagnosis and less traditional treatment plans, not only because they have covered them during their training but also because they have not yet had a chance to become set in their ways and opinions!

Younger Doctors Have More Energy

While it may not matter for your family physician, there are certainly some areas of medicine where it is advantageous for a doctor to be younger and fitter. One example of thins might be in the emergency room. This often requires long shifts with few breaks and often very hectic working conditions. Younger doctors with more energy and enthusiasm are going to find coping with this much easier than someone older. Other areas of medicine also require doctors to be on call through the night which can result in broken sleep patterns on busy nights. Again this is something younger doctors cope better with which is why you will usually find a concierge doctor will be fairly young.

In conclusion, while older and therefore more experienced doctors may seem to have an advantage over the younger, newly qualified ones – the younger doctors do have many additional benefits which could just make them a better choice. However, at the end of the day what is important is that you find a good doctor who you feel comfortable with.

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