5 Foods that Aid in Healing Bone Fractures

A broken bone can be quite debilitating. This is especially true if it’s in an area that prevents you from working. For instance, a writer can find it difficult to produce if he or she has a broken hand or finger. Because you need your body to be in optimal condition when you work, it’s imperative that you heal from such injuries as quickly as possible. When you’ve broken a bone in your body, a proper diet can help improve recovery time.

Vitamin D Milk

You’ve probably seen the advertisements that, “Milk does a body good.” This is especially true if you drink milk rich in vitamin D. This is because vitamin D is used to transport calcium from your digestive system and send it to your bones. In fact, calcium doesn’t do much for the body without this vitamin to assist.


Like most dairy products, cheese is rich in calcium and various proteins that aid in a speedy recovery. However, you want to be careful when filling your diet with this type of food. Some people experience constipation by eating too much cheese or could experience lactose intolerance.


Broccoli is one of those veggies that can act as a cure-all for a wide range of things. It’s packed with various vitamins and minerals which are greatly beneficial for the body. It can assist in healing everything from broken limbs to curing various sicknesses.


Like broccoli, almonds are another edible that can be used in a wide range of situations. Calcium, protein, vitamin E and healthy fats can contribute to healing bones while improving the health and appearance of your skin. This says nothing about almond’s ability to lower your blood sugar levels and improve blood pressure.


Fresh salmon is one of the healthiest fish you can eat for almost any purpose. Rich in vitamin D, salmon also delivers healthy fatty acids and proteins that affect your general health. You’ll provide a great deal of what your body needs while healing a broken bone when eating salmon. This includes B-complex vitamins, which the body cannot store on its own.

Although the above foods have potential to speed your recovery, you should still seek a primary care physician in the event of an injury. A healthy diet can only do so much, and expert assistance can cut the healing process even further. Eat healthier and give your body a chance to perform as it was designed.

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