5 Facts About Turmeric Benefits

5 Facts About Turmeric Benefits

What do you know about turmeric? Please don’t tell me your list would be much longer if I’d asked you “what DON’T you know about turmeric!” Well, there’s no shame in starting to get to know a topic, whatever it may be, once there’s a desire to learn and find quality and accurate knowledge. So, I’m really not going hold anything against you. I just want let you know that even if you don’t know about turmeric benefits, now is the best time for you to find out, so you can start experiencing all it has to offer!

http://www.Authoritynutrition.com even asserts that turmeric may be “the most effective nutritional supplement in existence.”

Turmeric is A Medicine

Now, just as a basic trivia question: which spice is turmeric actually found in? Is it cinnamon? paprika? coriander? Nope. If you guessed “curry”, then ding! ding! ding! You have the correct answerrrrr! *queue game show winning music*. Turmeric is actually what gives curry it’s yellow color, and it has been used in India for centuries, as a spice and as a medicinal herb.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the curcumin in turmeric is a powerful antioxidant and it prevents against damage from free radicals.

What is recommended is that if you want to actually get the most effective medical benefit from turmeric, you should get an extract of turmeric that has high concentrations of curcumin, and when you do consume such, you should have it with black pepper, because the black pepper actually helps your bloodstream to effectively absorb its healing qualities.

And hey, if you like yourself some “fatty foods”, then you’ll be happy that curcumin is fat-soluble, so that means you can actually afford to bulk up on a little “fat-filled” meal when you’re ingesting curcumin, but don’t overdo it people! Everything in moderation, okay?

Turmeric is Anti-Inflammatory

Again, we come to touch on the curcumin value, which is contained in turmeric. Hey, you may not have actually known this part of the story though: the inflammation process is actually important! Can you guess what it does?

Well, inflammation actually acts like a huge “fire shield” (That’s why it has “flame” in the name! Ahaa!), so it fights off foreign elements that try to introduce themselves into the body. It also helps in conducting repairs all throughout the body. But, guess what? There’s also a downside to this inflammation thing. If the inflammation gets “chronic” (that means it gets out of control), then it can actually overdo its job, and start to fight against our own body tissues! That’s far from safe! It’s actually dangerous! Severe inflammation has been found to cause:

❖     heart disease

❖     cancer

❖     metabolic syndrome

❖     Alzheimer’s and

❖     several other degenerative conditions

This fire needs to be tamed! Well, that’s where the curcumin in turmeric curcumin steps in. It has been proven to stop chronic inflammation, and it actually blocks several molecules that would otherwise have led to the progression of chronic inflammation.

Turmeric is Anti-Aging

Can you believe it? On top of all its other wonderful benefits, turmeric actually reverses the clock of aging! Wow! Yes it does! You remember what I had said earlier? It fights against free radicals, which usually accelerate the aging process, so they’re like #TeamYouth in such a natural and powerful way!

And the curcumin in turmeric acts like a “power-punch”, so it not only “kicks free radicals in the butt” itself, but it also activates the antioxidant enzymes that are naturally found in our body! It’s a whole age-fighting army that we’ve got on our hands right here because of the great turmeric benefits! I’m impressed!

Turmeric Makes You Smarter

Ahh man, it’s like these turmeric benefits just won’t stop! They just keep coming and coming! And I’m not hating! I love it! Curcumin has been found to increase and kick-start the elevated production of the growth hormone known as Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor.

Now, it’s more important than we probably think to actually have this hormone fully boosted and active in our brains. Several brain disorders have been found to have resulted from a depletion or lack of enough of this hormone.

So it’s all the more important to know that the curcumin found in turmeric has been discovered to increase the production of this brain hormone. Therefore, it may not only slow the progression of brain-related diseases, but actually have a great part in reversing them! That’s a great answer to worldwide calls for a cure to many of these diseases that often hit home.

Turmeric Lowers Heart Disease

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), heart disease is the number one killer in the world, having killed about 7.4 million people worldwide in the year of 2012! This a serious crisis, and if we don’t all take some comprehensive and concerted action soon, and warn those around us who may be at risk, then we’re no closer than before, to actually arriving at a solution guys!

So what are we gonna do though?! Well, the answer is in the turmeric y’all! The curcumin in turmeric may actually reverse several of the steps in the heart disease process. To cut to the chase, it means that turmeric’s curcumin can prevent heart disease.

The curcumin in turmeric improves endothelium, which acts as the lining of our blood vessels, so if our blood vessels’ lining is strengthened, then our heart is also gonna be strengthened, and really pump in the way and rhythm that it’s supposed to, rather than getting weakened and causing victims to suffer things like heart attacks.

Hey, if we could all let each other know of a solution that we had found, wouldn’t we each play our individual role of making this world a better place? I certainly think so.

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